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NY4918 : Looking into Cawdale by Michael Graham
NY5016 : Burn Banks by Michael Graham
NY5016 : Burnbanks by Nigel Homer
NY4816 : Summit 489m by Mick Garratt
NY4918 : Gated road to Rough Hill by David Brown
NY4816 : Willdale Head by Mick Garratt
NY5118 : Bampton Village Store and Post Office by Mick Garratt
NY4916 : Standing Stones on Four Stones Hill by David Brown
NY5117 : Playground by Mick Garratt
NY4918 : Carhullan by Michael Graham
NY4918 : Road heading for Moorahill Farm by Nigel Brown
NY5118 : Downstream from the road bridge by Lis Burke
NY4916 : Four Stones Hill by Mick Garratt
NY5016 : Phone box and village green, Burnbanks by Jim Barton
NY5117 : Field and trees near Walmgate farm by Nigel Brown
NY5016 : Sign on Gate at Burnbanks by Steve Partridge
NY4916 : Ancient cairn on Bampton Common by David Medcalf
NY5118 : Barns west of Bampton by Trevor Littlewood
NY5016 : Derelict electrical installation above Burnbanks by Karl and Ali
NY4918 : Narrow gated road by Jonathan Billinger
NY4817 : En Route To Low Kop by Rude Health
NY4916 : Path on Bampton Common by David Medcalf
NY4918 : Barn Below Moorahill Farm by Mick Garratt
NY4918 : Road to Moorahill by Jonathan Billinger
NY5016 : Burnbanks rebuilt by Oliver Dixon
NY5118 : Waterfall on Howes Beck, Bampton by Karl and Ali
NY4817 : Willdale by David Brown
NY5017 : A glimpse of Littlewater Tarn by Karl and Ali
NY5018 : Contented cattle by Jonathan Billinger
NY4918 : Stone barn near Moorahill farm by Nigel Brown
NY4915 : Plaque at Haweswater (2) by Steve Partridge
NY4818 : Bridleway descending north-east over Kid Moor by Trevor Littlewood
NY5016 : Houses in Burnbanks by Trevor Littlewood
NY4917 : Track, Cawdale Beck by Mick Garratt
NY4816 : Heading towards Fordingdale Bottom and Haweswater by David Medcalf
NY4915 : Haweswater Access Road below Wallow Crag by Anthony Parkes
NY4816 : Bampton Common, looking north by David Medcalf
NY5017 : Road ending and tree on Winder Hill by Nigel Brown
NY4918 : Rushes beside road to Moorahill by Trevor Littlewood
NY5018 : Drystone wall by the lane to Hullockhowe by Jonathan Billinger
NY5117 : Bampton Endowed School by Mick Garratt
NY4916 : Plaque at Haweswater by Steve Partridge
NY4917 : Stone slab footbridge, Willdale Beck by Karl and Ali
NY4915 : Boathouse at Haweswater. by Steve Partridge
NY4916 : Standing Stones by Michael Graham
NY4918 : Farm building near Cawdale by David Brown
NY5016 : Burnbanks, village by Peter Bond
NY4915 : North shore of Haweswater by Trevor Littlewood
NY4915 : Haweswater Reservoir by Sarah Charlesworth
NY5018 : Fields Below Low Hullockhowe by Mick Garratt
NY5118 : The 'Withnail and I' telephone box, Bampton by Karl and Ali
NY4916 : Four Stones Hill by Michael Graham
NY5017 : The valley above The Howes by Keith Wright
NY5118 : The telephone kiosk from 'Withnail & I' by Christopher R Ware
NY4918 : Close up of Barn Below Moorahill Farm by Mick Garratt

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