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NS5714 : Open-cast coal extraction near Cumnock by Gordon Brown
NS5913 : Boig Road and Nith Bridge by Peter Wood
NS5713 : Dalricket Mill by Gordon Brown
NS5912 : The track to Lanemark by Ann Cook
NS5814 : Entrance to Little Creoch by Gordon Brown
NS5713 : Coal heaps near Dalricket Mill by Peter Bond
NS5614 : Open moorland by Kath Jones
NS5912 : B741 to New Cumnock by Billy McCrorie
NS5713 : Move the road - we need to get at the coal! by Gordon Brown
NS5814 : Road at Caerniven by Peter Wood
NS5912 : Lanemark Collieries by Richard Webb
NS5713 : Ruin at Dalricket Mill by Gordon Brown
NS5912 : Post box on the B741 by Ann Cook
NS5814 : Long straight road by Richard Webb
NS5713 : There be monsters in them thar hills by Gordon Brown
NS5814 : On Cairn Hill by Richard Webb
NS5614 : "Restored" opencast ground by Kath Jones
NS5914 : Bridge to nowhere by Crosbie Smith
NS5912 : Looking across the Upper Nith Valley by Stuart  Brabbs
NS5713 : Road and entrance to the former Auchincross Farm by Peter Wood
NS5714 : A newish stretch of road to Dalricket Mill by Peter Wood
NS5914 : Haugh beside the Nith by Richard Webb
NS5813 : Rail Bridge over River Nith by Robert Guthrie
NS5713 : New road junction for Auchincross farm by Gordon Brown
NS5911 : Pasture by Burnside by Richard Webb
NS5913 : The River Nith at Meikle Creoch by Gordon Brown
NS5912 : B741 to Dalmellington near Bankglen by Billy McCrorie
NS5614 : Opencast coal mine by Kath Jones
NS5911 : B741 by Richard Webb
NS5912 : Farmland near Bankglen by Billy McCrorie
NS5913 : Knockshinnoch Washery Branch by Richard Webb
NS5912 : Road (B741) at Bankglen by Peter Wood
NS5914 : River Nith, Cairn Hill by Richard Webb
NS5913 : Track from Meikle Creoch farm to Mote Knowe and road by Peter Wood
NS5911 : Cottages beside the B741 by Ann Cook
NS5914 : Entrance to Righead Open-Cast Coal Site by Gordon Brown
NS5913 : Level crossing at Woodend by Gordon Brown
NS5812 : Hungry Hill by Kath Jones
NS5912 : The track to Cascaya by Ann Cook
NS5913 : Track from Meikle Creoch Farm at Mote Cottage by Peter Wood
NS5813 : Afton Brickworks by Robert Guthrie
NS5911 : Looking across a reinstated opencast site. by Stuart  Brabbs
NS5911 : Road (B741) at entrance to Cascaya by Peter Wood
NS5913 : Entrance to Meikle Creoch farm by Gordon Brown
NS5912 : Bus stops on the B741 by Ann Cook
NS5913 : Boig Road level crossing by Richard Webb

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