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TQ4482 : Beckton STP Comminutor Gates 1991 by John Rostron
TQ4384 : Bridge over the River roding by Alan Kinder
TQ4583 : Mayes Brook towards Barking Creek by David Anstiss
TQ4582 : Blumsom timber merchants by Glyn Baker
TQ4483 : St Margaret, The Broadway, Barking - East end by John Salmon
TQ4484 : Barking station:  London Overground by Dr Neil Clifton
TQ4682 : View of the Dagenham Market building from the market itself #2 by Robert Lamb
TQ4384 : A406 flyover by N Chadwick
TQ4583 : Ripple Road / Blake Avenue by Mike Quinn
TQ4682 : Brownfield land by Robin Webster
TQ4683 : The Chapel at Rippleside Cemetery by Adrian Cable
TQ4682 : Thames View School Playing fields by David Anstiss
TQ4485 : Loxford School, Sports Hall by David Anstiss
TQ4482 : Barking Creek towards the River Thames by David Anstiss
TQ4684 : Houses by the railway line by N Chadwick
TQ4384 : Mersea House and Colne House, Barking by David Anstiss
TQ4584 : Barking Sidings South by N Chadwick
TQ4683 : Turn Off For Barking by Glyn Baker
TQ4584 : Manor Junior School - main building, south end by Stephen Craven
TQ4484 : (Another) sign for The Bull by Mike Quinn
TQ4582 : Barking Riverside by Marathon
TQ4584 : Sidings near Upney by N Chadwick
TQ4483 : The tomb of William Pownsett by Mike Quinn
TQ4483 : View of the bucket of the fire engine being raised at its highest in Barking Fire Station by Robert Lamb
TQ4683 : Industrial unit by N Chadwick
TQ4685 : Houses on Longbridge Road, Barking by David Howard
TQ4684 : Meadow Road, Barking by Stacey Harris
TQ4384 : Roundabout near Barking by David Anstiss
TQ4484 : Barking station, platform 5 by Oxyman
TQ4682 : Creekmouth: River Road by Nigel Cox
TQ4582 : Beckton STP: Secondary Settling Tank by John Rostron
TQ4584 : Upney tube station by Mike Quinn
TQ4585 : A124 Longbridge Road, Faircross by Adrian Cable
TQ4385 : Clementswood Baptist Church by Robin Webster
TQ4385 : View of the Icon Building from Agnes Avenue by Robert Lamb
TQ4583 : Open area by the railway line by N Chadwick
TQ4483 : Celestial Church of Christ by Adrian Cable
TQ4684 : South Lake, Mayesbrook Park by Marathon
TQ4485 : Avenue of trees in Barking Park by Adrian Cable
TQ4682 : Site of Sunday Market, River Road, Creekmouth by PAUL FARMER
TQ4482 : Showcase Cinemas, Beckton by David Anstiss
TQ4483 : Eight statuettes on the screen outside the clergy vestry, St Margaret's Church by Mike Quinn
TQ4683 : The Thatched House on Ripple Road, Barking by David Howard
TQ4685 : Mayesbrook Park Entrance by Adrian Cable
TQ4484 : Little-used crossover west of Barking station by Stephen Craven
TQ4584 : Upney Station by N Chadwick
TQ4685 : New build in Mayesbrook Park by Stephen Craven
TQ4484 : Ripple Road, Barking by David Kemp
TQ4683 : The Family Vault of Robert Hewett at Rippleside Cemetery by Adrian Cable
TQ4484 : Barking Park: The Lake by Nigel Cox
TQ4685 : University of East London by Glyn Baker
TQ4484 : Barking: Al-Madina Mosque by Nigel Cox
TQ4385 : Islamic Impressions, 267 Ilford Lane, IG1 2SD by Danny P Robinson
TQ4483 : St Marys Estate, Barking by Glyn Baker
TQ4484 : CO Stock at Barking by Martin Addison
TQ4483 : Barking: Gladedale Development on Abbey Road by Nigel Cox
TQ4584 : Eastbury School by Glyn Baker
TQ4585 : Faircross Parade, Barking by Adrian Cable

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