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SJ6344 : Trees in a field by Nigel Williams
SJ6143 : Farm track by John Poyser
SJ6244 : Narrow Bridge by Nigel Williams
SJ6345 : After the crop had been collected by Nigel Williams
SJ6243 : Trees in a field by Nigel Williams
SJ6243 : Round the bend by Nigel Williams
SJ6345 : Gathering the crop by Nigel Williams
SJ6245 : Hall o' Coole Corner by Jonathan Billinger
SJ6244 : Pasture land near the Weaver by Jonathan Billinger
SJ6144 : Building at Dodds Green farm by Nigel Williams
SJ6243 : Pasture under repair by Jonathan Billinger
SJ6344 : Cheshire pasture land by Jonathan Billinger
SJ6143 : The other side of the hedge by John Poyser
SJ6245 : A farm and a sharp bend by Nigel Williams
SJ6144 : Sales Brook at Salesbrook Farm, Newhall by Mike Harris
SJ6345 : Hollin Green Farm by Jonathan Billinger
SJ6345 : Waiting for the collection trailer by Nigel Williams
SJ6245 : Newbridge Farm, Newhall by Mike Harris
SJ6144 : Back Coole Lane by Jonathan Billinger
SJ6143 : Footpath and field boundary by John Poyser

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