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NY8611 : Access road for telecoms aerial by Trevor Littlewood
NY8212 : Argill House Bridge in Argill by Matthew Hatton
NY8412 : Road junction at Barras by Stephen McKay
NY8408 : Keepers Shack on Winton Fell by Matthew Hatton
NY8612 : Open access moorland west of Black Riggs by Christine Johnstone
NY8609 : Causey Moss by Stephen McKay
NY8312 : Stricegill Farm by David Brown
NY8712 : Minor road by the A66 by N Chadwick
NY8410 : Abandoned Railway near Barras by John Thorn
NY8309 : Cattle Grid, Road to Wrenside by David Brown
NY8412 : The road to Brough by Christine Johnstone
NY8412 : Building by a spring above Mousegill Beck by Christine Johnstone
NY8211 : River Belah from Oxenthwaite Bridge by Bob Jenkins
NY8812 : Approaching the summit, A66 by N Chadwick
NY8311 : Trees by Hocker Gill by David Brown
NY8710 : Grouse Butts on Causey Moss by David Brown
NY8310 : Signal box and Belah Viaduct abutment by John Thorn
NY8510 : Ewebank Park by David Brown
NY8712 : Lineside hut, Stainmore Line [at Black Riggs] by Christine Johnstone
NY8312 : The former Slip Inn by Matthew Hatton
NY8812 : Approaching Stainmore Summit by John Firth
NY8712 : Tunnel under the A66 by David Brown
NY8610 : Lane along the edge of Ewebank Park by Christopher Hilton
NY8612 : Tebay to Barnard Castle railway by David Ashcroft
NY8411 : Barras Farm by Peter Moore
NY8310 : Ruined signal box by the Belah Viaduct by Karl and Ali
NY8412 : Fields at Barras by David Brown
NY8612 : Looking up Haska Rigg by David Brown
NY8711 : On Maudy Mea by Michael Graham
NY8309 : The road to Wrenside by Karl and Ali
NY8512 : Track to Maudy Mea by Michael Graham
NY8412 : The Station House at Barras by Peter Moore
NY8812 : North Stainmore Evening by Bob Jenkins
NY8312 : Barras by Stephen McKay
NY8712 : The former A66 near Black Riggs by Christine Johnstone
NY8612 : Black Hause Bridge by David Rogers
NY8212 : Argill Bridge by Neil Theasby
NY8510 : Black Scar by David Brown
NY8408 : Stowgill by Bob Jenkins
NY8310 : The River Belah at Powleyclose Bridge by Karl and Ali
NY8412 : Mousegill Low Bridge by Christine Johnstone
NY8609 : The bridleway to Woofer Gill by Ian S
NY8612 : Pasture above Argill Beck by Andy Waddington
NY8212 : Signpost for the public footpath to Oxenthwaite by Christine Johnstone
NY8712 : The road below Black Riggs by Christine Johnstone
NY8410 : River Belah near Ewbank Scar by David Brown
NY8511 : Old mine workings south of Mousegill Beck by Neil Theasby
NY8610 : Footpath from cattle grid on Long Causeway by Andy Waddington
NY8412 : Peppered SIgn by Matthew Hatton
NY8609 : The edge of the forest by David Brown
NY8410 : Stainmore Railway - Belah Viaduct by Geoff White
NY8412 : Stainmore Railway [disused] near Barras, Cumbria by David Medcalf
NY8310 : The Old Signal Box, Belah Viaduct by Bob Jenkins
NY8410 : Remains of Belah Viaduct by Stephen McKay
NY8410 : Belah Viaduct ( Barras ) by DTwigg
NY8310 : Missing Viaduct at Belah by Bob Jenkins

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