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SD6911 : Walled garden, Moss Bank Park by Philip Platt
SD6711 : The valley of Dakin Brook by John Darch
SD6911 : Smithills Coaching House by David Dixon
SD6810 : Doffcocker Lodge, Bolton by David Dixon
SD6713 : Gilligants Farm by Philip Platt
SD6911 : The Walled Garden at Moss Bank Park by Philip Platt
SD6812 : Lomax Wife's Plantation by Bill Boaden
SD6811 : A footpath from Barrow Bridge car park by Ian Greig
SD6713 : Roscoe's Tenement Clough by Philip Platt
SD6811 : Tree lichen by John Tustin
SD6911 : Barrow Bridge Road by Ian Greig
SD6812 : Collier's Row Road near Higher Tongs by Colin Pyle
SD6812 : Path to Walker Fold by Bill Boaden
SD6812 : New Colliers Row by Margaret Clough
SD6812 : Track to Colliers Row from Coal Pit Lane by Philip Platt
SD6912 : Footpath by Alexander P Kapp
SD6911 : Aviary Tower, Moss Bank Park by Jon Royle
SD6713 : Roscows Tenement Plantation by Philip Platt
SD6911 : The Library, Smithills Hall by David Dixon
SD6810 : Bus stop on Moss Bank Way by Bill Boaden
SD6811 : Bridge Over Dean Brook by John Tustin
SD6712 : Stream in Walker Fold Woods by John Darch
SD6713 : Green Nook House on Coal Pit Lane by Philip Platt
SD6811 : Houses in Barrow Bridge by John Lord
SD6711 : Bob's Smithy Inn by Anthony Parkes
SD6912 : Track leading to Smithills Dean Road by Philip Platt
SD6711 : Old Harts Farm by Margaret Clough
SD6810 : Doffcocker Lodge by David Dixon
SD6911 : Smithills Chapel and Hall by David Dixon
SD6811 : Dean Brook, Barrow Bridge by Philip Platt
SD6713 : Bridge over a stream by Philip Platt
SD6711 : Cottages on Chorley Old Road by Bill Boaden
SD6812 : Colliers Row by David Dixon
SD6711 : Bob's Smithy Inn by Margaret Clough
SD6811 : The '63 Steps' by John Darch
SD6810 : Path to Doffcocker Lodge by Bill Boaden
SD6911 : Smithills Chapel, Stained Glass Window by David Dixon
SD6713 : Welcome to Access Land by David Dixon
SD6713 : Road approaching Roscow's Tenement Clough by Bill Boaden
SD6713 : Moorland path on Winter Hill by Philip Platt
SD6811 : Site of Barrow Bridge Mills by Philip Platt
SD6810 : Doffcocker Lodge by Bill Boaden
SD6711 : Edge Lane meets Walker Fold Road by Philip Platt
SD6812 : Seat on Scout Road by David Dixon
SD6911 : Barrow Bridge chimney by Philip Platt
SD6713 : Ruined wall and gatepost on Smithills Moor by John Darch
SD6911 : Former Factory Chimney near Barrow Bridge by David Dixon
SD6812 : The Old Schoolhouse by Philip Platt
SD6713 : Stile on Coal Pit Road by Philip Platt
SD6811 : Terraced houses at Barrow Bridge by Margaret Clough
SD6911 : Smithills Hall by David Tomlinson
SD6811 : Barrow bridge chimney view by Tom Phillips
SD6912 : Dean Gate Farm, Smithills Dean Road by Margaret Clough
SD6911 : Barrow Bridge Chimney by Margaret Clough
SD6810 : Doffcocker Lodge, Heaton near Bolton by Margaret Clough
SD6811 : Barrow Bridge, near Bolton by Margaret Clough

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