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ST6163 : The bar of The Rising Sun by Philip Halling
ST6064 : Top of Guy's Hill by James Ayres
ST6165 : Looking North East up the Byway by James Ayres
ST6163 : A royal seat for use by Neil Owen
ST6165 : Byway Ford by James Ayres
ST6163 : Police Lane by Neil Owen
ST6163 : Weir on the River Chew by Philip Halling
ST6163 : The lane passes under the viaduct at Pensford by John Lord
ST6163 : Pensford bus stop by Neil Owen
ST6164 : The Traveller's Rest by Neil Owen
ST6164 : River Chew near Pensford by Derek Harper
ST6163 : Bridge House, Church Street, Pensford by Brian Green
ST6163 : What it was used for by Neil Owen
ST6165 : The A37 at the bottom of Hursley Hill by Sarah Charlesworth
ST6163 : So many bricks by Neil Owen
ST6164 : Not many visitors by Neil Owen
ST6064 : Byway near Belluton by Maigheach-gheal
ST6163 : Whittley Batts bridge by Neil Owen
ST6163 : Fringe benefits by Neil Owen
ST6165 : Track in field near Roundlands Farm by David Martin
ST6163 : The meeting of three streams in the centre of Pensford by Dr Duncan Pepper
ST6163 : Pensford church by Philip Halling
ST6163 : Pensford bridge, church and viaduct by Jo Turner
ST6164 : 2009 : The Traveller's Rest  Pensford Hill by Maurice Pullin
ST6163 : 2010 : East of south from Wick Lane by Maurice Pullin
ST6165 : 2009 : Sheep pasture near New Barn Farm by Maurice Pullin
ST6163 : A lone poppy by Neil Owen
ST6163 : Bath And North East Somerset : Pensford Scenery by Lewis Clarke
ST6165 : Sheep, cattle and a horse in a field near Blackrock by Brian Robert Marshall
ST6163 : Pensford lock-up, Publow Lane by Brian Green
ST6064 : Guy's Hill Byway by James Ayres
ST6164 : Road works vehicles at a bus stop on the A37, looking north by Rob Purvis
ST6163 : 2010 : North east from Wick Lane by Maurice Pullin
ST6064 : Guy's Hill by Adrian and Janet Quantock
ST6163 : Bridge on the lane from Upper Stanton Drew to Pensford by John Lord
ST6165 : The A37 Crossing the Wansdyke by Nigel Mykura
ST6164 : Stile, Belluton by Maigheach-gheal
ST6165 : A foreshortened view of the A37 south towards Belluton by Brian Robert Marshall
ST6164 : View over Belluton from Guy's Hill by James Ayres
ST6064 : Byway becomes Bridleway by James Ayres
ST6165 : Pasture near Blackrock by Brian Robert Marshall
ST6163 : Scarecrow trail in Pensford by Neil Owen
ST6064 : 2010 : Field of maize near Belluton by Maurice Pullin
ST6165 : A37 south towards Belluton by Brian Robert Marshall
ST6163 : The old line below by Neil Owen
ST6163 : Flood Level at Pensford 10th and 11th July 1968 by Rick Crowley
ST6164 : 2009 : A37 at Belluton, top of Pensford Hill by Maurice Pullin
ST6163 : Pensford Bridge over the River Chew by Dr Duncan Pepper
ST6064 : 2010 : B3130 heading east toward Belluton by Maurice Pullin
ST6163 : The Great Flood of '68 by Neil Owen
ST6163 : Pensford (Somerset) St Thomas a Becket Church by ChurchCrawler
ST6163 : Pensford Viaduct by John Thorn
ST6164 : Pensford Station by Tudor Williams
ST6163 : Pensford Viaduct by Dr Duncan Pepper
ST6164 : The Travellers Rest, Belluton by Duncan and Gareth Alderson

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