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SP0880 : Sunday closing by David Stowell
SP0881 : First World War Streets by Nigel Mykura
SP0880 : Ludlow House, Hollybank Road by Michael Westley
SP0881 : 35 Vimy Road by araucaria araucana
SP0880 : Clinic, Warstock Lane by Michael Westley
SP0880 : Children's Play Area on Billesley Common by Paul Collins
SP0881 : Swanshurst School by John M
SP0881 : Swanshurst School by Michael Westley
SP0880 : Hollybank Road, Billesley Common by David Stowell
SP0881 : Terraced housing, Coldbath Road by Phil Champion
SP0880 : Billesley Common by David Stowell
SP0880 : Birmingham-Yardley Wood Road by Ian Rob
SP0880 : Chinn Brook Road Approaching Yardley Wood Road Birmingham by Roy Hughes
SP0880 : May Lane / Warstock Lane junction, Birmingham. by Mike Dodman
SP0881 : The New Billesley pub by Michael Westley
SP0880 : Housing, Yardley Wood Road by Michael Westley
SP0880 : Community of Christ, Yardley Wood by Michael Westley
SP0881 : Houses on Coldbath Road, Billesley by Richard Vince
SP0881 : Coldbath Road, Billesley by Richard Vince

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