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SE1039 : Bingley - Old Main Street (southwest side) by Dave Bevis
SE1039 : Walking along the Leeds to Liverpool Canal #199 by Ian S
SE1138 : Slip road to the A650, Bingley by Rich Tea
SE1140 : Bingley College of Education 1975 by John Harvey
SE0941 : St Luke's Church - Morton Lane, East Morton by Betty Longbottom
SE1040 : Benchmark on 'Airedale House', Micklethwaite Lane by Roger Templeman
SE1240 : Eldwick Beck at the Old Cornmill by Richard Kay
SE1137 : Roundhill Avenue - Bradford Old Road by Betty Longbottom
SE1039 : 20-28 Old Main Street by Betty Longbottom
SE1137 : Un-named Driveway - end of Manor Drive by Betty Longbottom
SE1040 : Micklethwaite Lane Swing Bridge, near Crossflatts by David Dixon
SE1238 : Rhododendron in the woods, Milner Field by Rich Tea
SE1039 : Five Rise Locks, Bingley by Paul Glazzard
SE1039 : Damart Mill, Bingley by Ashley Dace
SE1137 : Roundhill Avenue - viewed from Roundhill Mount by Betty Longbottom
SE1241 : Cottage behind Eldwick Hall by Tony Murgatroyd
SE0939 : Footpath, St Ives Estate, Harden by Humphrey Bolton
SE1039 : Old market place Bingley by R lee
SE1039 : Ireland Terrace - Harden Road by Betty Longbottom
SE1238 : Dowley Gap Aqueduct, Bingley by Humphrey Bolton
SE1140 : Fernhill - Lady Lane by Betty Longbottom
SE1139 : Marrion Street - Belgrave Road by Betty Longbottom
SE1240 : The direct route from Saltaire to Eldwick by Christine Johnstone
SE1040 : Road across the new dual carriageway in Crossflats by Andrew Abbott
SE1138 : Leeds & Liverpool Canal by Rich Tea
SE0940 : Bend in the River Aire by John Davies
SE1041 : Walking along the Leeds to Liverpool Canal #212 by Ian S
SE1039 : Library Tap, Bingley by michael ely
SE1037 : March Cote Farm, Cottingley by David Spencer
SE1241 : Otley Road, Lane Head, Eldwick by Richard Kay
SE1141 : Gateway on Heights Lane by Roger Templeman
SE1240 : Sheriff Lane, Eldwick by Humphrey Bolton
SE1038 : Shopping Centre - Main Street by Betty Longbottom
SE0941 : St Luke's Terrace - Carr Lane, East Morton by Betty Longbottom
SE0939 : River Aire southeast of Raven Royd by John Slater
SE1239 : Homes in Broadstones Park, off Sheriff Lane by Christine Johnstone
SE1040 : Top of the Five Locks, Bingley by Allan Friswell
SE0937 : Lee Farm by Paul Glazzard
SE1238 : Little Beck by Rich Tea
SE1138 : Ash Grove - Bradford Road by Betty Longbottom
SE1038 : Shipley Golf Course Hole No. 15 by Chris Heaton
SE1138 : Fishermans, Bingley by al partington
SE1240 : Gas Installation - The Green by Betty Longbottom
SE0938 : Lady B's Cafe, St Ives Estate by Humphrey Bolton
SE1039 : Wooded spirit in the St Ives Woods by Allan Friswell
SE1039 : Spillway - Three Rise Locks by Betty Longbottom
SE1141 : Heights Lane by Chris Heaton
SE0941 : Cliff Farm - Morton Lane by Betty Longbottom
SE1140 : Heights Lane re-opened by Richard Kay
SE1239 : Above Shipley Glen by Gordon Hatton
SE1039 : Bingley Five-Rise Locks by Martin Clark
SE1038 : Bingley Police Station - Main Street by Betty Longbottom
SE1038 : Bradford & Bingley headquarters by David Spencer
SE1039 : Bingley 5-rise locks by Charles Rawding
SE0941 : East Morton Memorial Institute and post office by David Spencer
SE0941 : The Busfeild Arms, East Morton by Humphrey Bolton
SE1240 : Eldwick Post Office & General Store - Otley Road by Betty Longbottom

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