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SW7451 : Blowinghouse Ford by John Walton
SW7551 : Railway Bridge by Tony Atkin
SW7551 : Railway bridge on a disused line by Rod Allday
SW7451 : B3285 near Trevellas by Colin Pyle
SW7451 : Track and footpath to Trewartha and Mithian by David Smith
SW7451 : An Old Methodist Chapel on Trevellas Downs by Tony Atkin
SW7451 : Old Mechanical Reaper by Tony Atkin
SW7451 : Grinning goat of Trevellas by Elaine Hamby
SW7451 : Valley north of Mithian by Tony Atkin
SW7451 : Harmony Cot by Edward George
SW7451 : Buttercup meadow north of Mithian by Elaine Hamby
SW7551 : Old Milestone by Ian Thompson
SW7451 : Supplies for the holidaymaker, Trevellas by David Smith
SW7451 : Ford in Perrancombe by Rod Allday
SW7451 : Commercial Buildings on Trevellas Downs by Tony Atkin
SW7551 : Spoil heap on the valley side by Tony Atkin
SW7451 : A ford by Tony Atkin
SW7451 : An Old Methodist Chapel on Trevellas Downs 1993 by Elaine Hamby
SW7451 : Cottages on Trevellas Downs by Tony Atkin

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