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SX0667 : The state of religion in Bodmin, 3 by Robin Stott
SX0667 : Entrance to Bodmin Gaol by Phil Williams
SX0469 : The entrance to Nine Ashes by Rod Allday
SX0766 : Bodmin General Station by Chris Allen
SX0868 : A30 southwest bound by Alex McGregor
SX0467 : Boscarne Junction Station by Chris Shaw
SX0667 : Fore Street, Bodmin by Jonathan Billinger
SX0668 : Field Shelter on Copshorn Road by Phil Williams
SX0869 : Approaching shower over Helland Wood, Holton near Bodmin by Colin Park
SX0467 : The Borough Arms, Dunmere near Bodmin by Richard Rogerson
SX0767 : Bodmin Market by Kevin Hale
SX0469 : Forest track junction in Dunmere Wood by Rod Allday
SX0868 : Approaching overbridge at Bodmin turn off by John Firth
SX0766 : Preserved railway at Bodmin, GWR 4612 and BR class 50 by Rob Purvis
SX0566 : North Cornwall : Hendorgor House by Lewis Clarke
SX0667 : The entrance to Bodmin Gaol by Steve Daniels
SX0565 : Junction on Kirland Road by Derek Harper
SX0667 : Top end of Bodmin High Street by roger geach
SX0667 : Bridge over the Camel Trail at Scarlett's Well by Rod Allday
SX0766 : Bodmin & Wenford Railway - engine shed by Chris Allen
SX0468 : The A389 at Mount Charles by Ian S
SX0467 : Bridge over River Camel for Camel Trail by David Smith
SX0468 : North Cornwall : The B3266 by Lewis Clarke
SX0766 : Shire Hall, Bodmin by nick macneill
SX0869 : Old Callywith Road by Rabbi WP Thinrod
SX0565 : North Cornwall : Westheath Avenue A389 by Lewis Clarke
SX0766 : Mount Folly Square, Bodmin by Derek Harper
SX0865 : Cornwall : The A30 by Lewis Clarke
SX0567 : On the Camel Trail near Dunmere by David Smith
SX0466 : Bridge over stream at St Lawrence by David Smith
SX0866 : A30 footbridge to Higher Margate by Stuart Logan
SX0767 : Castle Street by Stuart Logan
SX0465 : Lane near Newton by Derek Harper
SX0766 : Station yard at Bodmin by SMJ
SX0569 : Pencarrow Wood by David Hawgood
SX0467 : Dunmere Halt Stone by Guy Wareham
SX0568 : The River Camel by Tony Atkin
SX0865 : Cornwall : A30 Sliproad by Lewis Clarke
SX0768 : Old Milestone by Ian Thompson
SX0865 : Farmland Near Bodmin by Mary and Angus Hogg
SX0767 : Ancient stone cross, Old Callywith Rd, Bodmin by Colin Park
SX0869 : Roadside verge near Racecourse Farm by Rod Allday
SX0766 : Pond in Priory Park, Bodmin by David Gearing
SX0465 : Tollgate House by Phil Williams
SX0768 : The Road past Whitley Wood by Tony Atkin
SX0665 : Field by Crabtree Lane by Derek Harper
SX0668 : Ford at Clerkenwater by John Walton
SX0667 : Bodmin Gaol by Martin Addison
SX0568 : River Camel by Guy Wareham
SX0766 : George and Dragon, Bodmin by al partington
SX0866 : Morrisons, Bodmin by Phil Williams
SX0766 : Walker Lines Industrial Site Bodmin Cornwall by Michael Pierce
SX0765 : Walker Lines Bodmin in 1940's by Colin Day
SX0766 : Bodmin Town Football Club by David Hawgood
SX0667 : Bodmin Fire Station by Kevin Hale
SX0667 : Bodmin North Station by Ben Brooksbank
SX0766 : Bodmin Railway Station by Stephen Dawson
SX0767 : Bodmin Public Rooms by Michael Pierce

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