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NS8354 : Morningside War Memorial by Stuart Brooks
NS8654 : Start of a track to the Blacklaw Wind Farm by G Laird
NS8254 : A73 approaching Bogside by Elliott Simpson
NS8454 : Wilsontown, Morningside and Coltness Railway by Richard Webb
NS8254 : Lanarkshire post-industrial wasteland by Gordon Brown
NS8354 : Woodland, Bogside by Richard Webb
NS8554 : Wet grassland, Watsonhead by Richard Webb
NS8454 : Overgrown and disused railway line, N Lanarkshire by paul birrell
NS8554 : Wet and muddy fields near Watsonhead by PeterJG1970
NS8254 : Grassland, Herdshill by Richard Webb
NS8354 : Morningside and Chapel War Memorial by Richard Webb
NS8554 : Grassland and an old track by Richard Webb
NS8454 : Electricity poles near Watsonhead farm by wrobison
NS8654 : Woodland, Auchter Water by Richard Webb
NS8454 : Field boundary by Richard Webb
NS8654 : Kingshill Mineral Water bottling plant by wrobison
NS8254 : Old Railway Line - Beside Main St and Chapel Road, Bogside by M22RDY
NS8454 : Chapel Colliery by Richard Webb
NS8354 : Young woodland, Chapel by Richard Webb
NS8454 : Disused Railway Line south-east of Newmains by G Laird
NS8354 : Morningside Road by Richard Webb
NS8254 : Overgrown Railway Line - Bogside by M22RDY
NS8254 : Disused Railway Lines near Bogside by G Laird

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