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SW6737 : B3280 towards Redruth by JThomas
SW6737 : Bolenowe by Tony Atkin
SW6737 : Grazing off the B3280 by JThomas
SW6737 : Valley by Bolenowe by Tony Atkin
SW6737 : Looking north east on the B3280 by JThomas
SW6837 : Pencoys Wesleyan Chapel by Rod Allday
SW6837 : B3280/B3297 junction by Colin Pyle
SW6737 : The View From High Downs by Tony Atkin
SW6837 : Modern boundary stone by David Smith
SW6837 : B3297 near Forest Farm by JThomas
SW6837 : Old Milestone by Ian Thompson
SW6837 : Modern boundary stone on the B3297 by Rod Allday
SW6837 : Former Wesleyan Sunday School at Pencoys by Rod Allday
SW6837 : Farm tack near Forest Farm by JThomas
SW6737 : Bolenowe valley by Rod Allday
SW6837 : Heathland by Tony Atkin
SW6837 : Church being converted by Tony Atkin

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