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SX1876 : Watch out for the Pirates by roger geach
SX1873 : Colliford Lake by Derek Harper
SX1975 : Track to Dozmary Hill by Sarah Charlesworth
SX1975 : Fowey valley near Dozmaryhill by Derek Harper
SX1873 : Northern arm of Colliford Reservoir by Sarah Charlesworth
SX1876 : One house on the moor at Bolventor by Roger A Smith
SX1873 : The farmhouse at Higher Gillhouse by David Smith
SX2074 : Minor road at Higher Harrowbridge by Rod Allday
SX1974 : Looking over moorland to Dozmary Pool by Steve Daniels
SX2174 : Dragonfly, Smallacoombe Downs by Derek Harper
SX1675 : Woodland edge, Sprey Moor by Derek Harper
SX1876 : Stocks at Jamaica Inn by Kenneth  Allen
SX1974 : Looking across Dozmary Pool by Tony Atkin
SX1775 : Old Milestone by Ian Thompson
SX1877 : A30 northeast of Jamaica Inn by Stuart Logan
SX1876 : Road Junction opposite Jamaica Inn by SMJ
SX1675 : Edge of Sprey Moor by Derek Harper
SX1973 : Gillhouse Downs by Derek Harper
SX1873 : Looking across the northern arm of Colliford Lake towards Meadows Downs by Rod Allday
SX1975 : Dozmary Down by Tony Atkin
SX2073 : Gateway at Higher Langdon by Rod Allday
SX1876 : The Jamaica Inn Pub Sign by Maigheach-gheal
SX1974 : Dozmary Pool by Steve G
SX1873 : Old and new boundaries at Lower Gillhouse by Rod Allday
SX1974 : The road to St Neot by Steve Daniels
SX1976 : Chapel, St Lukes by Derek Harper
SX2174 : Plantation Track near Ninestones Farm by James Emmans
SX1874 : Road on Pinnockshill by David Smith
SX1974 : Dozmary Pool by Amanda King
SX1776 : Approaching lay by at Minziesdown by John Firth
SX1876 : Jamaica Inn by norman griffin
SX1973 : Road on Gillhouse Downs  by David Smith
SX1976 : St. Luke's Chapel Bolventor by Eric Foster
SX1872 : Keeping the Sheep in by Mark Camp
SX1775 : A30 west - track to Bois House on left by John Firth
SX1973 : Road to Lower Gilhouse by Steve Daniels
SX2074 : Former chapel, Harrowbridge by Derek Harper
SX1974 : The northern edge of Dozmary Pool by Rod Allday
SX1876 : A30 north of Jamaica Inn by Stuart Logan
SX1974 : Fields by Colliford Reservoir by Sarah Charlesworth
SX1973 : Entrance to Redmoor Farm by Sarah Charlesworth
SX1876 : Jamaica Inn by David Smith
SX1877 : Dairywell Farm by Rod Allday
SX1976 : Moorland near St Lukes by Sarah Charlesworth
SX1775 : North Cornwall : The A30 by Lewis Clarke
SX2174 : Fences by Smallacombe Downs by Derek Harper
SX1872 : Bunning's Park and Colliford Lake  by David Smith
SX1975 : Dozmary Downs by David Smith
SX2075 : The River Fowey at Trezibbett by Rod Allday
SX1872 : The road to St Neot by Steve Daniels
SX1974 : Dozmary Pool on Bodmin Moor by roger geach
SX1876 : Jamaica Inn, Bodmin Moor by Chris Coleman
SX1974 : Dozmary Pool by Paul Allison
SX1876 : Holy Trinity Church, Bolventor by Derek Harper

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