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NY5015 : Haweswater Dam by Shaun Ferguson
NY5116 : Haweswater Beck by David Brown
NY5317 : Large  Barn  at  Hegdale by Martin Dawes
NY5015 : Grey Squirrel Alert! by Steve Partridge
NY5015 : Oakwood in winter by Oliver Dixon
NY5015 : Haweswater Dam (2) by Steve Partridge
NY5317 : Fields above Rosgill by Oliver Dixon
NY5116 : Lane From Thornthwaite Hall by Mick Garratt
NY5014 : On Harper Hills by Michael Graham
NY5014 : Harper Hills by David Brown
NY5317 : Footpath  to  Bampton  Grange  passing  Hegdale by Martin Dawes
NY5116 : Thornthwaite Hall by David Medcalf
NY5015 : Haweswater Dam by Oliver Dixon
NY5115 : Lone Tree on a Craggy Knoll by Mick Garratt
NY5014 : Harper Hills by Mick Garratt
NY5015 : Haweswater Dam by Trevor Littlewood
NY5217 : View of River Lowther from road bridge at Bampton Grange by PAUL FARMER
NY5116 : Haweswater Beck by Nigel Homer
NY5317 : Date inscription, Mary's Pillar by Karl and Ali
NY5116 : Thornthwaite Force by Nigel Homer
NY5116 : Farm seen over roughly vegetated field by Trevor Littlewood
NY5015 : Naddle Low Forest by Michael Graham
NY5216 : Rawhead Farm by David Brown
NY5115 : Ford near Scalebarrow Tarn by Tom Richardson
NY5317 : Walls and fields below Wilson Scar by Bill Boaden
NY5115 : From Scalebarrow Knott by Michael Graham
NY5216 : Highpark Buildings by Adie Jackson
NY5115 : Scalebarrow Tarn by Karl and Ali
NY5217 : Byway  from  river  to  barn by Martin Dawes
NY5015 : Haweswater Dam by Trevor Rickard
NY5115 : Old and New by Steve Partridge
NY5115 : Track to Naddle Farm by Mick Garratt
NY5317 : Mary's Pillar near Rosgill by Karl and Ali
NY5015 : Hugh's Laithes Pike by Karl and Ali
NY5216 : Farmland below the Haweswater dam by David Purchase
NY5216 : United Utilities service road by Tom Richardson
NY5217 : Fields by Bomby Farm by Nigel Brown
NY5116 : Boulder in a Field Near Thornthwaite Hall by Mick Garratt
NY5014 : Plantation, Naddle Forest by Michael Graham
NY5015 : Haweswater dam and reservoir by Nigel Brown
NY5216 : The path from Rawhead to Naddle Bridge by Karl and Ali
NY5014 : Harper Hills (419m) by Karl and Ali
NY5115 : Above Naddle Farm by Richard Webb
NY5217 : Bus shelter at Bampton Grange by M J Richardson
NY5317 : Looking towards Mardale by Michael Graham
NY5317 : Mary's Pillar. by John Holmes
NY5015 : Stone Engraving - Origins of the Haweswater Reservoir by Martin
NY5115 : Cairn, Scalebarrow Knott by Michael Graham
NY5317 : Field above Rosgill by Oliver Dixon
NY5216 : Access road for Rawhead by Trevor Littlewood
NY5015 : Haweswater Dam by Mick Garratt
NY5015 : Haweswater Dam by Ian Taylor
NY5014 : The track above Naddle Farm by Keith Wright

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