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SW4434 : Lilies in Carfury Quarry by David Medcalf
SW4435 : Windblown tree at Bodrifty Iron Age Settlement by Bob Jones
SW4334 : Engine house at Ding Dong mine, Cornwall by nick macneill
SW4435 : The track to Brook Cottage by David Medcalf
SW4334 : Moon above the Ding Dong Mine by Jim Champion
SW4434 : Engine house at Boskednan by Rod Allday
SW4334 : Footpath near Lanyon Farm by Philip Halling
SW4435 : En Route Towards Mulfra Hill by Rude Health
SW4334 : The ruined Greenburrow engine house by Jim Champion
SW4435 : Small pond at Bodrifty by Rod Allday
SW4435 : The track on Bosporthennis Common by David Medcalf
SW4334 : Engine house at Ding Dong Mine seen over Bosullow Common by Sarah Charlesworth
SW4333 : Standing out by Malcolm Kewn
SW4334 : Ding Dong Mine by Philip Halling
SW4433 : Minor road south of Carfury by Rod Allday
SW4435 : Bodrifty Reconstruction by Michael Murray
SW4434 : Carfury quarry by Malcolm Kewn
SW4333 : Fields by Tony Atkin
SW4435 : Bodrifty ancient settlement by Alan Simkins
SW4433 : Valley of the Chyandour Brook by Sheila Russell
SW4333 : Pontshallow Farm by Rod Allday
SW4433 : Hedges and fields near Trythall Farm by David Medcalf
SW4434 : Engine house on the edge of Ding Dong Moor by David Medcalf
SW4433 : Minor road junction at Carfury by Rod Allday
SW4334 : Greenburrow engine house by Malcolm Kewn
SW4434 : Tredinneck engine house by Malcolm Kewn
SW4435 : Iron Age roundhouse reconstruction by Rod Allday
SW4433 : Carfury farm by David Medcalf
SW4334 : Entrance to the Ding Dong mine by Bob Jones
SW4333 : The other end by Malcolm Kewn
SW4333 : Japanese knotweed by Sheila Russell
SW4434 : Looking over Boskednan by David Medcalf
SW4334 : Ding Done Mine by Philip Halling
SW4435 : Bodrifty Iron Age settlement by Rod Allday
SW4434 : Higher Ninnes farm by David Medcalf
SW4434 : Collared in stone by Malcolm Kewn
SW4333 : On the Hedge Bank by Tony Atkin
SW4333 : Ding Dong at sunrise by Frances Watts
SW4434 : Small barn at Tredinneck by Rod Allday
SW4433 : Flooded quarry at Carfury by Rod Allday
SW4433 : Trythall Farm by David Medcalf
SW4334 : Bosiliack Barrow by Hansjoerg Lipp
SW4334 : View across the moor to Carn Galver from Greenburrow engine house by Rod Allday
SW4435 : Roundhouse interior at Bodrifty by Rod Allday
SW4334 : Track approaching Ding Dong Mine by Philip Halling
SW4333 : Pontshallow by Sheila Russell
SW4435 : Hut circle at Bodrifty by Malcolm Kewn
SW4334 : Greenburrow pumping engine house at Ding Dong Mine by Rod Allday
SW4333 : Towards Pontshallow by Tony Atkin
SW4334 : Ding Dong Mine Chimney by Rude Health

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