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SD2798 : On Brim Fell by Mick Garratt
SD2798 : Footpath from Old Man of Coniston by Darren Haddock
SD2797 : Footpath on the east side of The Old Man of Coniston by Rob Noble
SD2698 : Goat's Hawse by David Brown
SD2796 : The Walna Scar Road by steven ruffles
SD2897 : Path towards the Walna Scar track by Andrew Hill
SD2697 : Dow Crag by Michael Graham
SD2797 : Path up The Old Man by Ian Capper
SD2697 : Ice on Goat's Water by Michael Graham
SD2897 : Below Beck Fells by Richard Croft
SD2997 : View towards Coniston Old Man by David Martin
SD2996 : Sheepfold, Long Haws by Mick Garratt
SD2796 : Walna Scar Road below Nettle Crag by Chris Heaton
SD2698 : Looking down on Goat's Hawse by David Martin
SD2697 : Great Gulley, Dow Crag by Michael Graham
SD2897 : The Bell by Ian Taylor
SD2797 : On The Old Man by Michael Graham
SD2995 : Park Coppice Reception Centre by John Carver
SD2796 : Descending the South Ridge by Tom Richardson
SD2797 : The trig point on the Old Man of Coniston by Bill Boaden
SD2796 : Approaching Walna Scar Road by Michael Graham
SD2995 : Ford and Footbridge across Hoathwaite Beck by Tom Richardson
SD2797 : The Old Man himself. by Paul Glover
SD2697 : Goat's Water by Ian Taylor
SD2995 : Topiary - High Ground by Anthony Parkes
SD2796 : Torver Beck by Ian Taylor
SD2697 : Dow Crag Summit by Michael Graham
SD2995 : On Bleathwaite Pasture by Karl and Ali
SD2797 : Above Low Water by Michael Graham
SD2997 : Sheep below Foul Scrow by Ian Taylor
SD2796 : Banishead Quarry by Karl and Ali
SD2996 : Permissive Footpath and Cycleway, Park Gate by Mick Garratt
SD2796 : Goat's Beck and the bridge by Ian Greig
SD2698 : Dow Crag by Anthony Parkes
SD2797 : Coniston Old Man from Levers Water by Paul Lockett
SD2797 : Bursting Stone Quarry by Michael Graham
SD2697 : From Dow Crag to Brown Pike by Jim Barton
SD2697 : Dow Crag from Buck Pike by Ian Greig
SD2797 : Triangulation Pillar, The Old Man of Coniston by Anthony Foster
SD2897 : View Towards Coniston Old Man by David Dixon
SD2796 : Torver Beck by Michael Graham
SD2798 : Disused Machinery, Blacksmith's Shop and Power Station by Mick Garratt
SD2697 : Path into The Cove by Ian Capper
SD2797 : View Towards Coniston by Peter Trimming
SD2995 : Dead Tree, Hoathwaite Farm by Mick Garratt
SD2796 : Torver Bridge by Ian Taylor
SD2995 : Former Railway by Mick Garratt
SD2798 : Low Water by Bob Tinley
SD2797 : Ascent of Coniston Old Man (14) by Peter Trimming
SD2698 : Above Near Gill by Michael Graham
SD2798 : Scree above Low Water, Old Man of Coniston by David Martin
SD2997 : Fairsnape Cottage, Coniston by Graham
SD2897 : The Bell in February morning sunshine by Andrew Hill
SD2798 : Low Water and Levens Water, Coniston by E Gammie
SD2995 : Coniston Hall Camp Site by David Dixon
SD2897 : Sunrise over the Lakes by Peter Gordois
SD2897 : Car park at end of Walna Scar Road by Graham Robson
SD2797 : Ascent of The Old Man of Coniston by Bob Tinley

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