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SS2101 : Staggered junctions at Box's Shop by Julian P Guffogg
SS2101 : Kennacott Court (1989) by Graham Hogg
SS2001 : Path to Creathorne by Shaun Ferguson
SS2101 : Box's Shop entrance sign by Alex McGregor
SS2101 : Junction with the A39 by Shaun Ferguson
SS2101 : The staggered junction on A39 at Box's Shop by David Smith
SS2201 : Lake at Langford Hele by Graham and Liz Jones
SS2001 : Widemouth by Paul McIlroy
SS2201 : Dead tree in hedge by David Hawgood
SS2101 : Playing field of holiday cottages, by Box's Shop by David Hawgood
SS2001 : Stone walls at the entrance to Higher Widemouth Farm by David Smith

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