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NY2122 : Grassy path climbing Sleet How by Graham Robson
NY2323 : The Royal Oak, Braithwaite by David Purchase
NY2324 : Tennis courts by Darrin Antrobus
NY2223 : The start of the path to Grisedale Pike by Graham Robson
NY2323 : Braithwaite Lodge and Braithwaite by Les Hull
NY2223 : The Hope Memorial Outdoor Centre by Iain Lees
NY2323 : Scotgate Farm Caravan Site, Braithwaite in 1963 by Neil Theasby
NY2223 : Braithwaite Methodist Chapel by Mick Garratt
NY2223 : Ascending Grisedale Pike by Michael Graham
NY2222 : Pastures at High Coledale by Graham Robson
NY2324 : Access road to Wychwood, Shotover and Windrush - houses in Braithwaite by Alexander P Kapp
NY2223 : Coledale from the track to Force Crag by Ian Taylor
NY2322 : What, only ONE!!! by Des Colhoun
NY2322 : Little Braithwaite by Brian Clift
NY2322 : Newlands Road Cattle Grid by Gordon Griffiths
NY2324 : A66 trunk road, north-west of Keswick by Stephen Craven
NY2223 : Footpath ascending Kinn by Graham Robson
NY2222 : The track from High Coledale. by John Holmes
NY2323 : Middle Ruddings, Braithwaite by Ian S
NY2322 : Scree Slope, Barrow by Michael Graham
NY2122 : The shower has passed by Derek Voller
NY2323 : Scotgate Lodges by Gordon Griffiths
NY2323 : Ivy House Hotel, Braithwaite by Oliver Dixon
NY2222 : High Coledale by David Purchase
NY2122 : Looking West from Lanty Well by Iain Lees
NY2324 : Newlands Beck at Bog House by M J Richardson
NY2223 : Boulders on Kinn by Philip Halling
NY2222 : Looking across to High Coledale by Shaun Ferguson
NY2323 : St Hubert's Church, Braithwaite by Alexander P Kapp
NY2322 : Little Braithwaite Bridge by Graham Robson
NY2324 : Field of sheep by Darrin Antrobus
NY2322 : Scree below Barrow by Hugh Venables
NY2223 : View Across the Derwent Valley by Mick Garratt
NY2323 : Autumnal scene, Braithwaite by Andrew Smith
NY2322 : Newlands Beck by Graham Robson
NY2222 : Kinn from High Coledale by Mick Garratt
NY2322 : The lower Newlands Valley by Bill Boaden
NY2322 : Newlands Beck from Little Braithwaite Bridge by Les Hull
NY2122 : Track in Coledale by Ian Taylor
NY2223 : Track above Braithwaite by Darrin Antrobus
NY2323 : Braithwaite village by M J Richardson
NY2323 : The old road to Braithwaite by Bill Boaden
NY2222 : Coledale Beck from the Coledale Mine Road by Trevor Littlewood
NY2322 : Frosted fields beside Newlands Beck by Trevor Littlewood
NY2323 : General Store, Braithwaite by michael ely
NY2223 : Coledale Beck as it runs through Braithwaite by Iain Lees
NY2223 : Rainbow over Braithwaite by Les Hull
NY2122 : Track in Coledale by Anthony Parkes
NY2324 : Flood plain pasture near Bassenthwaite by M J Richardson
NY2122 : Coledale Beck. by John Holmes
NY2324 : Village hall at Braithwaite. by John Holmes
NY2223 : Hope Memorial Camp, Braithwaite by Trevor Littlewood
NY2323 : Campsite at Braithwaite. by Steve Partridge
NY2324 : Newlands Beck at Bog House by neil gibbs
NY2223 : Footpath to the Hope Memorial Camp by Oliver Dixon
NY2122 : Coledale Beck by Helen Wilkinson

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