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SO3898 : Beech row at Gatten by Richard Law
SO3898 : Snape Cottage by Row17
SO3995 : Signpost at Coates by Dave Croker
SO3996 : Swallow nest under the eaves at The Bridges (close up) by Jeremy Bolwell
SO3996 : Dead tree trunks by the Shropshire Way by Derek Harper
SO3996 : The Horseshoe Inn, Bridges by Bill Boaden
SO3895 : On Adstone Hill, Shropshire in May by Jeremy Bolwell
SO3895 : Kinnerton, milestone by Mike Faherty
SO3995 : Entering Coates by Row17
SO3996 : Bridge near Bridges by Derek Harper
SO3895 : Adstone Hill by Richard Law
SO3796 : Kinnerton Farm buildings by Row17
SO3998 : Fence, gate and stile by Dave Croker
SO3895 : Stile and tree on Adstone Hill by Richard Law
SO3895 : River East Onny by John M
SO3897 : Cattlegrid on the road to The Bog by John M
SO3895 : The Shropshire Way by Charles Leventon
SO3898 : Farm track by Dave Croker
SO3795 : Lane near England Shelve by Row17
SO3996 : Ford at Bridges by John Walton
SO3998 : Hill top fence by Dave Croker
SO3895 : View From Near Crossroads by Geoff Pick
SO3996 : Horseshoe Inn, Bridges by Ian S
SO3898 : Hills above Snape Cottage by Richard Law
SO3996 : In the Shropshire Hills in May by Jeremy Bolwell
SO3898 : Far Gatten by Row17
SO3796 : House at Kinnerton Farm by Jeremy Bolwell
SO3898 : Up the bridleway towards Leasowes by Richard Law
SO3796 : Barns at Kinnerton Farm by Richard Law
SO3995 : Muddy farm track leading down off the moors by Bill Boaden
SO3997 : Farm debris above Far Gatten by Richard Law
SO3895 : Cwnd House Ford by John Walton
SO3796 : Arable fields on the Stiperstones by Richard Law
SO3996 : Walkers pass by the pub at Bridges, Shropshire by Jeremy Bolwell
SO3898 : Towards the NE from Gatten by Richard Law
SO3996 : Road from The Bog to Bridges by Chris Gunns
SO3796 : Part of the farm yard at Kinnerton Farm below Stiperstones by Jeremy Bolwell
SO3998 : High farmland by Dave Croker
SO3996 : View from the Shropshire Way by Dave Croker
SO3796 : Ford at Kinnerton by John Walton
SO3795 : Driveway to England Shelve Farm by Row17
SO3898 : Snape Cottage in the East Onny valley by Richard Law
SO3896 : Cattle grid and a steep hill at Stedment by Richard Law
SO3996 : River East Onny, Bridges by Derek Harper
SO3895 : Road junction near Cwnd House by Ian S
SO3895 : Descending Adstone Hill towards Bridges by Jeremy Bolwell
SO3796 : Passing Kinnerton Farm by Row17
SO3897 : The lane from Bridges towards Gatten by Richard Law
SO3896 : Kinnerton Methodist Church by Ian S
SO3996 : Footbridge, Bridges by Derek Harper
SO3996 : Horseshoe Inn, Bridges, Ratlinghope by al partington
SO3996 : The Horseshoe Inn, Bridges by Geoff Pick
SO3998 : The guardian of Near Gatten Farm by Richard Law
SO3996 : Bridges (Youth) Hostel by Trevor Littlewood
SO3996 : Bridges Youth Hostel by Richard Law
SO3996 : Inside the Horseshoe Inn, Bridges by Stephen McKay
SO3896 : Stedment by Geoff Pick

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