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SK3198 : Our route becomes increasingly difficult to negotiate by Wendy North
SK3198 : Back on track by Wendy North
SK3299 : View across farmland towards Bromley by Wendy North
SK3198 : The A616 near Wortley by Martin Speck
SK3298 : Cross Lane junction, Bromley Carr by Neil Theasby
SK3299 : Footpath towards Buck Park by Chris Wimbush
SK3297 : Recycled slate by Dave Pickersgill
SK3298 : Farm at Howbrook by Wendy North
SK3398 : Steps up to the A61 by Dave Pickersgill
SK3198 : Footpath through wheat field by Wendy North
SK3198 : Hay field cut and baled by Wendy North
SK3198 : Woodhead Road by JThomas
SK3299 : Footpath signs by Wendy North
SK3298 : Howbrook village by steven ruffles
SK3198 : Howbrook Lane by Steve  Fareham
SK3198 : Footpath through a wheat field by Wendy North
SK3198 : Crossing arable fields towards Booths Wood. by steven ruffles
SK3198 : Wharncliffe by Roger May
SK3299 : Autumnal corn by Dave Pickersgill
SK3398 : Animal drinking trough in Westwood Country Park by Neil Theasby
SK3398 : Down we go ... by Dave Pickersgill
SK3297 : Town End Farm by Roger May
SK3198 : The footpath crosses the Stocksbridge Bypass by Wendy North
SK3298 : Route back to Wortley by Wendy North
SK3398 : Footbridge at Westwood Bottom by Jonathan Clitheroe
SK3298 : Farm conversion: Carr House Farm by Wendy North
SK3198 : Log barrier and remains of burnt out car on Peafield Lane by Steve  Fareham
SK3299 : Westwood Lodge by Graham Hogg
SK3299 : Farmland at Parkhouse by Roger May
SK3299 : Westwood Lodge by Wendy North
SK3198 : Pea Fields Lane from Howbrook Lane by Wendy North
SK3398 : House `To Let' on Greaves Lane by Wendy North
SK3298 : Market Cross at Howbrook by Roger May
SK3198 : Flattened wheat field by Wendy North
SK3298 : Houses at Bromley by Wendy North
SK3398 : Greaves Lane, High Green, Sheffield by Steve  Fareham
SK3299 : Double F's café by Steve  Fareham
SK3398 : Storr's Dike Path by Roger May
SK3297 : View towards High Green from Bank Lane by Neil Theasby
SK3299 : Rectangular silage  bales by Wendy North
SK3398 : Bluebells by Westwood Bridge by Neil Theasby
SK3298 : Bromley Carr Road by Wendy North
SK3299 : Westwood Lodge by John Slater
SK3298 : Spout House Well by Wendy North
SK3299 : Track through Wortley Park by Jonathan Clitheroe
SK3198 : The Barnsley Boundary Walk in the direction of Howbrook by Wendy North
SK3298 : The Green at Bromley by Wendy North
SK3297 : Junction of Berry Lane and Sheffield Road (A629) by Steve  Fareham
SK3398 : Blackburn Brook from Westwood Bridge by Neil Theasby
SK3298 : Pea Field Lane by Wendy North
SK3297 : Footpath Heading Towards Mark Brook by Jonathan Clitheroe
SK3198 : Tramway Cottage from Howbrook Lane by Wendy North

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