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SJ3635 : Balcarres House by John Haynes
SJ3535 : Dudleston Hall dairy by John Haynes
SJ3634 : Oswestry, Ellesmere and Whitchurch Railway by Richard Webb
SJ3635 : Reed Bed at Duddleston Heath sewage works by John Haynes
SJ3635 : Field near New Crickett by Richard Webb
SJ3635 : Fork near New Crickett by Richard Webb
SJ3635 : House at New Crickett by John Haynes
SJ3735 : Forage maize by Richard Webb
SJ3634 : Disused Railway Cutting by Mr M Evison
SJ3735 : Farm on NCR 31 by Row17
SJ3634 : Weak Bridge over extinct railway line - NCR 31 by Row17
SJ3634 : Hidden Railway Bridge (Disused) by Mr M Evison
SJ3535 : Dudleston Hall by John Haynes
SJ3634 : Frankton Station by John Harding
SJ3735 : Manor Farm - Elson by John Harding
SJ3635 : Vyrnwy Aqueduct Valve point by Mr M Evison
SJ3635 : Another junction on another narrow lane by Row17

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