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SS2006 : Safe bathing flag, Summerleaze beach, Bude by Tom Jolliffe
SS2006 : River Neet, Bude by Derek Harper
SS2006 : The Bark House, Bude Wharf by Richard Law
SS2104 : Lock Gate on the Bude Canal by Tony Atkin
SS2007 : Downs View, Flexbury, Bude by David Hawgood
SS2008 : Boiler from the SS Belem shipwreck by Martin Busby
SS2105 : Lay-by at Budehaven Leisure Centre by Derek Harper
SS2007 : Crooklets from Compass Point by Pierre Terre
SS2008 : Maer Cliff by Philip Halling
SS2104 : Junction of Pinch Hill with A39 by David Smith
SS2006 : Crookletts and Summerleaze Beaches, Bude by Julian P Guffogg
SS2105 : Suburban Housing on Valley Road by Tony Atkin
SS1907 : Southwards on the beach near Maer Cliff by Richard Law
SS1904 : Rock strata at Phillip's Point by Trevor Rickard
SS2006 : Summerleaze Beach and pool at Bude by Steve Daniels
SS2006 : River Neet by John Baker
SS1905 : From Efford Beacon to Widemouth Bay and beyond by David Smith
SS2006 : Narrowboat on the Bude Canal by Des Blenkinsopp
SS2008 : Rocks at Northcott Mouth by Julian P Guffogg
SS1908 : Steam boiler from SS Belem wreck by Martin Busby
SS1907 : Vast beach at Maer Cliff by Richard Law
SS2006 : Tower, Bude Haven by Tom Jolliffe
SS1906 : Nobody surfing today by Richard Law
SS2006 : 4-5 The Strand by Ian Capper
SS2006 : Central Methodist Church, Bude by Humphrey Bolton
SS2005 : Exposed rock near Efford Beacon by David Smith
SS2008 : Beach at Northcott by Rob Purvis
SS2006 : Mooring post, Summerleaze beach, Bude by Tom Jolliffe
SS2006 : Save The Children charity shop, 3 Queen St, Bude by Roger A Smith
SS2108 : Barns at Higher Northcott by Richard Law
SS2006 : The Church of St Michael and All Angels, Bude by Humphrey Bolton
SS1905 : Trig point at Efford Beacon by Trevor Rickard
SS2008 : Lifeguard hut at Northcott Mouth by Rod Allday
SS2105 : Looking across the river valley to Bagbury by Rob Purvis
SS2006 : Bude beach by Julian P Guffogg
SS2008 : Children abseiling by Alan Wilson
SS1905 : Trig point on Efford Beacon by Philip Halling
SS2006 : Summerleaze Beach at Bude by Steve Daniels
SS2104 : Bude Canal by Shaun Ferguson
SS2007 : Serious play on holiday by Given Up
SS2006 : Surf school on Summerleaze Beach by Richard Law
SS2106 : HarleQuinns bowling and playcentre, Bude by David Smith
SS2006 : Main shopping street, Bude by Rob Purvis
SS2007 : Gateways at a corner of fields near Maer by David Smith
SS2006 : Summerleaze tidal swimming pool and beach by Trevor Rickard
SS2006 : Bude : Animals in Need by Lewis Clarke
SS2107 : Hollabury Mission Hall, Bude by Humphrey Bolton
SS2104 : The Bude Canal by Adrian King
SS2005 : Efford Ditch bay by Richard Law
SS2008 : Crumbling cliff with thrift, north of Northcott Mouth by David Hawgood
SS2006 : Tidal swimming pool, Summerleaze beach, Bude by Tom Jolliffe
SS2006 : Bude Beach by Geoff Barker
SS2104 : An old Nuffield Universal tractor rusting away on the verge by Rod Allday
SS1904 : Wave-cut platform below Phillips Point by David Hawgood
SS2007 : Bude - Crooklets Beach by William Wells
SS2006 : Summerleaze Beach, Bude by Tom Jolliffe
SS2106 : Harlequinns Ten Pin Bowling & Leisure Centre, Bude by Mike Crowe
SS2006 : The Strand, Bude. May Bank Holiday 1977 by Crispin Purdye

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