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ST4695 : "Water Spring", Earlswood by John Lord
ST4697 : Newchurch trig by Iain Macaulay
ST4697 : Car park at Wern-y-cwm woods by Jonathan Billinger
ST4696 : Bullyhole Bottom valley by Jonathan Billinger
ST4697 : Minor road at Kilgwrrwg by Andrew Hackney
ST4697 : Field-edge view from Newchurch Triangulation Pillar by Peter Wood
ST4697 : Large rural property by Jeremy Bolwell
ST4697 : Looking east towards Devauden Court by Ruth Sharville
ST4697 : Looking North over Kilgwrrwg House by Richard Smith
ST4697 : Newchurch trig by Iain Macaulay
ST4596 : Little Coed-Llifos by Ruth Sharville
ST4596 : Looking east past Bullyhole Bottom by David Bryson
ST4697 : Wern y Cwm car park by Jeremy Bolwell
ST4596 : A very muddy layby by Jonathan Billinger
ST4695 : Lane down to Little Pant-y-cosyn by Jonathan Billinger
ST4696 : Crossroads north of Bullyhole Bottom by Ruth Sharville
ST4697 : Waymarker and footpath by Jeremy Bolwell
ST4697 : Wern y Cwm car park, Kilgwrrwg Common by Ruth Sharville
ST4695 : B4235 south of Gove Wood by Colin Pyle
ST4596 : B4235 west of Bullyhole Bottom by Colin Pyle
ST4596 : Rural Monmouthshire in late March 2018 by Jaggery

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