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ST6764 : The Wheatsheaf Inn by Sharon Loxton
ST6665 : The valley to Burnett by Neil Owen
ST6665 : Heare lyethe by Neil Owen
ST6565 : A change of route by Neil Owen
ST6665 : From sea to steam by Neil Owen
ST6665 : Old School House, Burnett by Rick Crowley
ST6765 : Flush bracket by Neil Owen
ST6665 : Village pump by Neil Owen
ST6565 : Feeding the Chew by Neil Owen
ST6665 : 2008 : Ploughing near Burnett by Maurice Pullin
ST6565 : Wooden embankment by Neil Owen
ST6565 : Mown for your convenience by Neil Owen
ST6664 : 2010 : B3116 looking south near the A39 junction by Maurice Pullin
ST6565 : Man, Mount and Mountain Bike by Neil Owen
ST6565 : Out-growing the dandelions by Neil Owen
ST6764 : Crossroads on the A39 by J.Hannan-Briggs
ST6665 : Village property by Neil Owen
ST6665 : St Michael's church, Burnett by Neil Owen
ST6765 : Corston field farm by Roger Cornfoot
ST6665 : Burnett (Somerset) St Michael's Church by ChurchCrawler
ST6665 : Early flowers in the churchyard by Neil Owen
ST6565 : A large old willow tree growing on the South bank of the River Chew by Dr Duncan Pepper
ST6665 : Preparing to grow again by Neil Owen
ST6765 : Late evening shadow by Neil Owen
ST6665 : Meline mortality by Neil Owen
ST6665 : Burnett village pump by Neil Owen
ST6764 : 2008 : Combine Harvester at Corston Field Farm by Maurice Pullin
ST6665 : Peaceful and quiet by Neil Owen
ST6764 : The A39 near Stantonbury by Sarah Charlesworth
ST6664 : Farmland on Long Hill by Phil Williams
ST6665 : Gas pipeline marker by Neil Owen
ST6665 : Welcoming sight by Neil Owen
ST6565 : Lye Hill by Roger Cornfoot
ST6664 : Farmland south of Burnett by Phil Williams
ST6565 : A byway that welcomes all by Neil Owen
ST6764 : The Wheatsheaf, Stantonbury by Roger Cornfoot
ST6665 : 2008 : Ploughed field on Middlepiece Lane by Maurice Pullin
ST6664 : View over Wansdyke towards Long Hill by Virginia Knight
ST6765 : 2008 : North east from Ashton Hill trigpoint by Maurice Pullin
ST6565 : Recently ploughed land in the Chew Valley by Dr Duncan Pepper
ST6665 : Entrance to St Michael's church by Neil Owen
ST6665 : Pump with fossils by Neil Owen
ST6565 : Holding on to Spring by Neil Owen
ST6765 : Trig Point by Rick Crowley
ST6764 : The Wheatsheaf by Neil Owen
ST6765 : Ashton Hill trig point by Neil Owen
ST6765 : 2008 : West of north from Ashton Hill by Maurice Pullin
ST6664 : 2010 : B3116 Looking north toward Burnett and Keynsham by Maurice Pullin
ST6565 : 2008 : On the road to Compton Dando by Maurice Pullin
ST6664 : 2010 : North east from the B3116 by Maurice Pullin
ST6664 : A39 approaching Two Headed Man junction by J.Hannan-Briggs
ST6665 : Burnett Manor House by Rick Crowley

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