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NY6342 : Busk lime kiln and quarry by Mike Quinn
NY6042 : Field with sheep and Haresceugh Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY6342 : Interlocking spurs on Ricker Gill by Oliver Dixon
NY6442 : Tour of Britain at Hartside finish by Andrew Curtis
NY6141 : The track up to How Gill by Keith Wright
NY6043 : Path to Thack Moor by David Brown
NY6042 : Busk by Oliver Dixon
NY6142 : Stile near Busk by Oliver Dixon
NY6041 : Where's the path? (3) by Oliver Dixon
NY6244 : Sheepfold above Howgill Beck by Mike Quinn
NY6442 : White Cottage on the A686 by Ian S
NY6141 : Gateway on Cannerheugh Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY6144 : Renwick Fell by Andrew Smith
NY6241 : Heading for Gamblesby from Twotop Bridge by Karl and Ali
NY6442 : The Bothy, below Hartside Cafe by Tim Friend
NY6142 : Green lane at Selah by Andrew Smith
NY6241 : Grazing, Twotop Bridge by JThomas
NY6243 : Skelling Moor by Andrew Smith
NY6042 : Haresceugh by Peter McDermott
NY6341 : Road to Renwick by Andrew Smith
NY6245 : Mine workings on Renwick Fell by David Brown
NY6043 : Pasture, Renwick by Andrew Smith
NY6144 : Renwick copper mine by Helen Wilkinson
NY6442 : Tour of Britain at Hartside finish by Andrew Curtis
NY6142 : Valley of Swarthgill Beck by Oliver Dixon
NY6041 : Fields near Five Lane Ends by Oliver Dixon
NY6341 : The Hartside road by Oliver Dixon
NY6244 : Bield and sheepfold west of Long Tongue by Mike Quinn
NY6244 : Valley of Great Stockdale Beck by Andrew Smith
NY6342 : Ricker Gill Bridge by Oliver Dixon
NY6242 : Sheep above Seavy Sike by Bill Boaden
NY6041 : Where's the path? (1) by Oliver Dixon
NY6244 : Path on Renwick Fell by David Brown
NY6243 : Cocklock lime kiln by Mike Quinn
NY6241 : Hazel Rigg footpath just below Two Top Bridge by Keith Wright
NY6442 : Hartside pass, Alston by george hurrell
NY6142 : On the track between Selah Bridge and Five Lane Ends by Colin Park
NY6043 : Raven Bridge, near Renwick by Oliver Dixon
NY6042 : Farmland near Renwick by Andrew Smith
NY6143 : Confluence to form Raven Beck by Ian Guest
NY6041 : Lane north of Gamblesby by Oliver Dixon
NY6241 : A686 descending from Hartside Pass by Trevor Littlewood
NY6242 : The Loo Gill valley by Andrew Smith
NY6142 : The lane to Selah Bridge by Oliver Dixon
NY6244 : Renwick Fell by Andrew Smith
NY6341 : Green Fell by Andrew Smith
NY6344 : Old mine tip by Seavy Sike by Mike Quinn
NY6242 : A branch of Loo Gill by David Brown
NY6241 : Melcha Bottom by Peter McDermott
NY6043 : Warning sign and farmland near Renwick by Andrew Smith
NY6442 : The Bothy by Alexander P Kapp
NY6442 : The hairpin below Hartside by Andrew Smith
NY5942 : Splendid isolation by John Darch
NY6341 : Public footpath from Hartside Cafe to Hazel Rigg by Keith Wright

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