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NY3450 : Cardew Mires. by John Holmes
NY3349 : Weir, River Wampool by Bob Jenkins
NY3450 : Grazing and hedgerow by JThomas
NY3549 : Farm buildings, Cardew Hall by JThomas
NY3349 : Cattle grid on road approaching Cardew Lodge by Rose and Trev Clough
NY3450 : Cardew Mires Gravel Pit. by John Holmes
NY3449 : House, Stonethwaite by JThomas
NY3449 : Minor road towards Cardew by JThomas
NY3549 : Minor road junction just before bend. by John Holmes
NY3449 : Grazing, Cardew Hall by JThomas
NY3349 : Grazing, Cardew by JThomas
NY3349 : View to the back of Cardew Lodge by Rose and Trev Clough
NY3449 : Minor road, Stonethwaite by JThomas
NY3349 : Minor road, Cardew by JThomas
NY3349 : Track to Cardew Lodge by JThomas
NY3549 : Minor road, Nooklane Foot by JThomas
NY3449 : Stonethwaite. by John Holmes
NY3449 : Cardew House Farm. by John Holmes
NY3549 : Overgrown farm track, Nooklane Foot by JThomas

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