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SW7032 : Parts of old mine workings, western Medlyn Moor, Porkellis by Robert W Handley-Fairbairn
SW7031 : Cornwall : The A394 by Lewis Clarke
SW7032 : Cattle at Pollangreen Farm by Rod Allday
SW7030 : Bridge over a small stream at the entrance to Seworgan village by Rod Allday
SW7131 : Cattle grazing at Higher Trengrove by Rod Allday
SW7131 : Cornish wall by Jonathan Billinger
SW7032 : Cornwall : The A394 by Lewis Clarke
SW7131 : Rough pasture above Higher Trengrove by Rod Allday
SW7030 : Converted chapel at Seworgan by Jonathan Billinger
SW7032 : A394 at turning for Viscar by John Firth
SW7131 : Disused wind turbine by ANDY FISH
SW7031 : Track to Carnebone by Jonathan Billinger
SW7032 : Summer hedgerow at Lower Retanna by Rod Allday
SW7032 : Pasture at Garlidna by Rod Allday
SW7032 : Lay-by on the A394 at Lower Retanna by Rod Allday
SW7131 : Old Milestone by Ian Thompson
SW7032 : Cornwall The A394 Sweeping Through The Landscape by Roy Hughes
SW7031 : Little Carnebone by Jonathan Billinger
SW7031 : A394 north of Carnbone Farm by Stuart Logan
SW7031 : Junction of a minor road with the A394 at Carnebone by Rod Allday
SW7131 : An early design wind turbine, now long since disused by Hywel Williams

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