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SE2907 : Barnby, Yorkshire:  Furnace Bridge by Dr Neil Clifton
SE2906 : Around the bend to Silkstone by Steve  Fareham
SE2808 : Cawthorne Cricket Pitch by Nigel Homer
SE2806 : Oaks north of Silkstone by Chris Yeates
SE2906 : Power Lines from Silkstone Lane by John Fielding
SE2806 : Muddy field entrance south of Banks Hall by Christine Johnstone
SE2907 : Preparing for winter by John Fielding
SE2908 : Bridleway near Cawthorne Beck by Steve  Fareham
SE2808 : Cinder Hill Bridge by John Fielding
SE2907 : Flood damage on Silkstone Wagon Way. by John Fielding
SE2807 : Stream flows through Tivy Dale by SMJ
SE2907 : Bridleway to Cawthorne and or Silkstone by Steve  Fareham
SE2807 : "The Spencer Arms" in Cawthorne by Neil Theasby
SE2906 : Fields Farm and Pylons by John Fielding
SE2908 : The making of a grand entrance by John Fielding
SE2906 : Silkstone Lane by JThomas
SE2806 : Banks Hall by John Slater
SE2808 : Entering Cawthorne  by JThomas
SE2907 : A Ploughed Field by John Fielding
SE2808 : Ford at Cawthorne by John Walton
SE2907 : The Former Silkstone Waggonway Coal Tramway At Furnace Bridge by Peter Wood
SE2907 : Fields trees and sky by John Fielding
SE2908 : The A635 to Barnsley by John Fielding
SE2806 : The Tree Lined Road to Banks Hall by John Fielding
SE2807 : The stream at Tivy Dale by John Fielding
SE2808 : Footbridge southwest of Cinder Hill by John Slater
SE2908 : Which way now? by Steve  Fareham
SE2807 : Ordnance Survey Flush Bracket S9251 by Peter Wood
SE2906 : Meadow and Path Near Low Mill by Jonathan Clitheroe
SE2907 : Track Near Barnby Green Farm by Peter Wood
SE2908 : Cawthorne  Lane by JThomas
SE2806 : Pylons near Silkstone by Steve  Fareham
SE2907 : Beechwood at Furnace Bridge cross roads by John Fielding
SE2807 : All Saints Church, Cawthorne by John Slater
SE2807 : Estate Lodge in Cawthorne by Matthew Hatton
SE2906 : From Yellow to Green by John Fielding
SE2908 : Farm buildings on Cawthorne  Lane by JThomas
SE2907 : Barnby Green Farm Outbuilding by John Fielding
SE2807 : All Saints church, Cawthorne, near Barnsley, South Yorkshire by Chris Morgan
SE2806 : Footpath and track to South Lane by Christine Johnstone
SE2908 : The Footpath to Kexbrough by John Fielding
SE2906 : A Meadow by John Fielding
SE2906 : A Field of Corn by John Fielding
SE2808 : The Rowlands Looking to Cawthorne Church by John Fielding
SE2807 : Farmland near Cawthorne by JThomas
SE2806 : Silkstone Lane by JThomas
SE2908 : Bridleway south of Cawthorne Lane by John Slater
SE2807 : Entrance to Banks Hall by Steve  Fareham
SE2907 : Knots by John Fielding
SE2808 : Footpath through The Rowlands by John Fielding
SE2907 : Barnby Furnace area by Chris Yeates
SE2807 : Spencer Arms , Cawthorne. by Paul Eggleston
SE2806 : Banks Hall near Cawthorne by Neil Theasby
SE2906 : Fall Head Farm by John Fielding
SE2807 : All Saints Church, Cawthorne by Nigel Homer
SE2906 : Fall Head by Chris Yeates
SE2908 : Cawthorne Dike by Chris Yeates
SE2907 : Pylon and Countryside by John Fielding

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