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SX5555 : Unnamed narrow road off Longcause by N Chadwick
SX5456 : Horse chestnut flower, Plympton by Derek Harper
SX5557 : B3417 near Loughtor Mill by Derek Harper
SX5556 : Edge of  small wood beside Chaddlewood House by Nigel Mole
SX5456 : Car Wash by N Chadwick
SX5556 : Old hedgebank, Chaddlewood by Nigel Mole
SX5456 : Clock Tower, Plympton by Derek Harper
SX5556 : Subway under Glen Rd by N Chadwick
SX5656 : Pylon by jeff collins
SX5557 : Houses in Compass Drive, Plympton by David Smith
SX5656 : Glen Road, Chaddlewood by Derek Harper
SX5656 : Power Lines over Langage footpath by Nigel Mole
SX5456 : B3417 by N Chadwick
SX5555 : Top of Hillcrest Drive, where Crana Castle stood, you can just make out the outer ring by lor edwards
SX5656 : Holland Plantation by Nigel Mole
SX5555 : Plympton turning, A38 by N Chadwick
SX5656 : Skate park, Chaddlewood by Derek Harper
SX5456 : Railway bridge in Plympton by Sarah Charlesworth
SX5555 : Greenacres, Cornwood Road, Plympton by Derek Harper
SX5456 : Newnham Industrial Estate by Derek Harper
SX5557 : Newnham Park by Gwyn Jones
SX5456 : Arch, Plympton by Derek Harper
SX5555 : The Triangular Folly House by Graham Flint
SX5557 : Entrance to Newnham Park by jeff collins
SX5556 : North- Western entrance to Chaddle Wood by Nigel Mole
SX5555 : Roundabout, Hillcrest Drive by N Chadwick
SX5557 : Tory Brook, looking downstream by jeff collins
SX5555 : Edwards Close by N Chadwick
SX5656 : Start of Sparkwell footpath No4 by jeff collins
SX5456 : Lord Louis, Moorland Rd by N Chadwick
SX5555 : A38 Eastbound Junction For Plympton by Roy Hughes
SX5557 : Park Lane No1 by jeff collins
SX5556 : Farmland near Stoggy Lane by N Chadwick
SX5656 : Entrance to Langage Industrial Estate by Nigel Mole
SX5555 : Spider's web, Greenacres by Derek Harper
SX5556 : The rural-urban fringe by N Chadwick
SX5456 : Elm Grove, Plympton by Derek Harper
SX5656 : Pylon, Chaddlewood by N Chadwick
SX5556 : Solar Panels by N Chadwick
SX5555 : Cherry Tree Lane, Plympton St Maurice by jeff collins
SX5557 : West Park Hill by N Chadwick
SX5557 : Which way for the Bridleway by jeff collins
SX5456 : B3417 by N Chadwick
SX5456 : Regent Terrace or Villas by Colin Vosper
SX5557 : Entrance to Newnham Park by Derek Harper
SX5656 : Domino's, Chaddlewood by N Chadwick
SX5556 : National Cycle Route 2, Chaddlewood by N Chadwick
SX5556 : Chaddlewood House by Nigel Mole
SX5456 : Ridgeway by N Chadwick
SX5555 : Littlewood Close by N Chadwick
SX5456 : George Lane, Plympton by Gwyn Jones
SX5555 : Yeoman's Way, Plympton by Tony Atkin
SX5557 : Newnham Park by Gwyn Jones
SX5656 : Langage Science Park by Tony Atkin

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