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SW5536 : Railway bridge over Chenhalls Road by JThomas
SW5535 : Star Inn, St Erth by Bill Boaden
SW5534 : The Green Lane, St Erth by Bill Boaden
SW5535 : Chapel Hill, St Erth by Bill Boaden
SW5536 : Field of wheat above Hayle Estuary by Rod Allday
SW5535 : Fore Street, St Erth by Bill Boaden
SW5534 : Trenedros Farm by Elizabeth Scott
SW5533 : Hayle River by Sheila Russell
SW5536 : The Bird in Hand public house by Mari Buckley
SW5635 : Tolroy Road (B3302) towards St Erth Praze by JThomas
SW5534 : Lanuthnoe hilltop by Elizabeth Scott
SW5535 : Sign for the Star Inn, St Erth by JThomas
SW5536 : Factory entrance, Hayle by David Smith
SW5534 : View across fields to Trenedros by Elizabeth Scott
SW5535 : Trenhayle Lane towards St Erth by JThomas
SW5533 : Lower Porthcollum by Elizabeth Scott
SW5536 : Bridge Over A30 Near Hayle by Roy Hughes
SW5635 : House and Field near Tolroy Road by Tony Atkin
SW5534 : Cottages at Tremelling by Rod Allday
SW5635 : Jericho Lane by Tony Atkin
SW5536 : House on Mellanear Road, Hayle by JThomas
SW5533 : Higher Porthcollum Farm by Elizabeth Scott
SW5634 : Tregenhorne by Tony Atkin
SW5533 : White house at Trannack Mill by Elizabeth Scott
SW5534 : The Green Lane, St Erth by JThomas
SW5536 : Trelissick Fields, Hayle by JThomas
SW5634 : Ruined and overgrown by Elizabeth Scott
SW5635 : 'Flower pickers wanted' sign at Tolroy by Rod Allday
SW5533 : Footbridge across the Hayle River by Elizabeth Scott
SW5535 : St. Erth: the post office by Chris Downer
SW5535 : St Erth Post Office in Chapel Hill by Rod Allday
SW5533 : Porthcollum Lane by Elizabeth Scott
SW5635 : Fields at Tolroy, looking towards Killanoon by Rod Allday
SW5534 : Coarse fishery entrance by Elizabeth Scott
SW5634 : Winter Woodland by Tony Atkin
SW5535 : The post office by Ken Ballinger
SW5536 : Tight fit by JThomas
SW5534 : Tremelling by Elizabeth Scott
SW5536 : Mellanear Road, Hayle by Tony Atkin
SW5534 : Bridlepath approaching Tremelling by Elizabeth Scott
SW5635 : Tolroy Manor by Steven Haslington
SW5635 : B3302 is Tolroy Road by Stuart Logan
SW5535 : Young crop field, St Erth by JThomas
SW5536 : Flamingos at Paradise park wildlife sanctuary by Rod Allday
SW5534 : The Post Box on the white wall by Ken Ballinger
SW5535 : Cereal crop off Trenhayle Lane by JThomas
SW5635 : Tolroy Manor by JThomas
SW5535 : Ancient cross in St Erth by Rod Allday
SW5536 : Houses, Meadowside Close by N Chadwick
SW5535 : Trenhayle Lane towards St Erth by JThomas
SW5536 : Mill pond and remains of Harveys works by Chris Allen
SW5536 : Disused Garage by Tony Atkin

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