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ST6964 : Countryside near Bath Spa University by Julian P Guffogg
ST6964 : The Garden Temple by Neil Owen
ST7064 : Camouflaged pillar by Neil Owen
ST7065 : North bank of the River Avon, at a 14 metre spot height by Christine Johnstone
ST7064 : Old school entrance by Neil Owen
ST7065 : The River Avon by Sharon Loxton
ST6964 : Would Lancelot approve? by Neil Owen
ST7065 : Farmland near Corston by N Chadwick
ST7065 : The Globe, Newton St Loe by Neil Owen
ST7063 : Lane to Pennsylvania Farm by Sharon Loxton
ST7164 : 2008 : Field near Newton St. Loe by Maurice Pullin
ST6964 : Northern Lake in Newton St.Loe College by Rick Crowley
ST7064 : Flush bracket by Neil Owen
ST6964 : From Park Wood to the lake by Neil Owen
ST7065 : Localised flooding in the Avon Valley by N Chadwick
ST6964 : Student accommodation, Bath Spa University by Julian P Guffogg
ST7065 : Bridge over the River Avon by Bill Boaden
ST7065 : The  Bath to Bristol Avon walkway passes under a disused railway bridge by Dr Duncan Pepper
ST6964 : Awakening trees by Neil Owen
ST7065 : Hedge and ditch by N Chadwick
ST6964 : Tranquil lake by Neil Owen
ST6964 : Capability's legacy by Neil Owen
ST7064 : 2008 : Home Farm, Newton St. Loe by Maurice Pullin
ST7065 : Bend in the River Avon, south of Kelston Park by Christine Johnstone
ST6964 : 2008 : Track from Manor Farm by Maurice Pullin
ST7064 : Newton St. Loe: post office and postbox № BA2 288 by Chris Downer
ST7164 : Newton St Loe - 1988 by Helmut Zozmann
ST7065 : Bath - Bristol railway line. by Sharon Loxton
ST7065 : Kelston Park Railway Bridge [No 209], from the west by Christine Johnstone
ST7164 : Newton Mill by Rick Crowley
ST6964 : Newton Park Campus by Steven
ST7164 : Newton Brook by Sharon Loxton
ST6964 : Bench at Newton Park Campus by Steven
ST7065 : The A4 near Newton St Loe by J.Hannan-Briggs
ST6964 : Tree Near Newton Park by Steven
ST7065 : Coxless four on River Avon at Kelston Park by David Smith
ST7065 : Newton St Loe & The Globe Pub by Steven
ST7063 : Sheep shade by Sharon Loxton
ST7063 : 2008 : North west over Newton Park by Maurice Pullin
ST7064 : Road to Clays End Farm by Virginia Knight
ST7164 : Green Lane above Newton Mill by James Ayres
ST7065 : Train near Corston by Bill Boaden
ST7064 : Pillar with a garden by Neil Owen
ST7065 : Entrance to Bath Spa University by Neil Owen
ST7063 : 2008 : Fields near Pennsylvania Farm by Maurice Pullin
ST7164 : 2008 : Fly tipping near Newton St. Loe by Maurice Pullin
ST6964 : Newton Park House by Chris Holifield
ST7064 : 2008 : Newton St. Loe Post Office by Maurice Pullin
ST7164 : Unsurfaced lane near Newton St Loe by James Ayres
ST7065 : 2008 : The Globe, Newton St. Loe by Maurice Pullin
ST7164 : Newton Brook by Sharon Loxton
ST6964 : Newton Park by Dave Napier
ST7065 : Bristol and Bath railway path crossing the river Avon. by Martyn Pattison

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