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NY5326 : West Coast Main Line, Clifton by JThomas
NY5326 : The George and Dragon, Clifton by JThomas
NY5426 : Farmland near Station View by JThomas
NY5326 : Clifton, village scene by Rose and Trev Clough
NY5327 : Clifton Church by David Brown
NY5325 : BR Advanced Passenger Train southbound approaching site of Clifton & Lowther station by Ben Brooksbank
NY5326 : Down the hill into Clifton by John Firth
NY5325 : Standing Stones by Bob Jenkins
NY5426 : Former Clifton Moor station by Ben Brooksbank
NY5426 : Apple Dene by Oliver Dixon
NY5327 : Clifton Hall Pele, near Penrith, Cumbria by Simon Ledingham
NY5225 : Autumn colour at Low Garden Bridges, Lowther Park by Clive Nicholson
NY5427 : Fields near Clifton Dykes by Oliver Dixon
NY5325 : A6 Northbound by David Dixon
NY5426 : Bridge Over Disappeared Railway by Bob Jenkins
NY5326 : West Coast Main Line at Clifton by Rose and Trev Clough
NY5326 : Approaching railway bridge over M6 at Clifton by Alexander P Kapp
NY5325 : Minor road, Clifton Moor by JThomas
NY5226 : Yanworth Woodhouse by Mick Garratt
NY5426 : Clump of trees and pylons near Clifton by Oliver Dixon
NY5327 : Rectory Farm, Brougham by Oliver Dixon
NY5427 : High Dykes Farm by Bob Jenkins
NY5326 : M6 northbound approaches the WCML railway bridge by Colin Pyle
NY5426 : Track towards Station View by JThomas
NY5327 : View from the A6 north of Clifton village by Rose and Trev Clough
NY5225 : Foundations of old bridge by Mick Garratt
NY5426 : Minor road east of Clifton by David Purchase
NY5325 : Tinker's Lane Bridge over M6 by Alexander P Kapp
NY5326 : M6 southbound by Alex McGregor
NY5326 : Grazing off the A6, Clifton by JThomas
NY5427 : Farmland, Brougham by Andrew Smith
NY5327 : A6, Clifton Hall by JThomas
NY5427 : Footpath to High Ground by Bob Jenkins
NY5327 : Pele Tower, Clifton by Maigheach-gheal
NY5426 : Station View by JThomas
NY5225 : Buckholme Lodge by Bob Jenkins
NY5225 : Paths in Yanwath Wood by David Brown
NY5427 : March of the pylons by Oliver Dixon
NY5326 : Sign for the George and Dragon, Clifton by JThomas
NY5327 : St. Cuthbert's Church, Clifton by Rose and Trev Clough
NY5326 : Woodland stream, The Hag by Colin Kinnear
NY5427 : Field and wall near Moorhouses Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY5325 : A6 at Mount Clifton by Oliver Dixon
NY5225 : River Lowther under Low Gardens Bridge by John Gibson
NY5326 : Play area at Clifton by Rose and Trev Clough
NY5326 : Pendolino at Eden Valley Goods Loop - April 2017 (3) by The Carlisle Kid
NY5427 : Highground Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY5226 : The Hag by Bob Jenkins
NY5325 : M6 southbound, Tinker's Lane Bridge by Alex McGregor
NY5327 : Clifton Hall explanatory plaque by David Purchase
NY5327 : Old Church, Clifton, Penrith by Malcolm Street
NY5326 : Railway bridge over the M6 motorway by Ann Cook
NY5326 : Old Chapel, Clifton by Malcolm Street
NY5326 : Whitrigg House, Clifton by Rose and Trev Clough

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