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SW5737 : Ventonleague : The A30 by Lewis Clarke
SW5737 : A30, Hayle bypass by N Chadwick
SW5737 : A30 east of Hayle by JThomas
SW5737 : Railway bridge over A30 east of Hayle by David Smith
SW5737 : Lots of cars on the A30, Hayle by-pass, heading west by Rob Purvis
SW5737 : Road and railway bridges over A30 by John Firth
SW5737 : The A30 passes under the London-Penzance line by David Long
SW5737 : Hayle Football Club Pitches by Tony Atkin
SW5737 : Penzance to Paddington Line Crosses the A30 by Roy Hughes
SW5737 : Back Road near Copperhouse by Tony Atkin
SW5737 : Climbing away from Hayle  by roger geach
SW5737 : Wheal Alfred Road bridge over A30 by David Smith
SW5737 : Farmland near Guildford by N Chadwick
SW5737 : Trenoweth by N Chadwick
SW5737 : Wheal Alfred Rd by N Chadwick
SW5737 : Houses on Dracaena Avenue by N Chadwick
SW5737 : Farmland, Trevassak by N Chadwick
SW5737 : A30 by N Chadwick
SW5737 : A30 by N Chadwick

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