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NY6213 : Fields by Lyvennet Beck by David Brown
NY6214 : St Lawrence's Church by Peter McDermott
NY6114 : Road out of Crosby Ravensworth by John Darch
NY6215 : Flass House by Karl and Ali
NY6312 : Road junction and copse, Bank Moor by David Brown
NY6014 : On guard at Haber by Karl and Ali
NY6211 : Quarry track by Richard Webb
NY6311 : Granite Erratic, Gaythorne Plain by David Higgitt
NY6214 : Butchers Arms, Crosby Ravensworth by Jim Barton
NY6413 : Side  view  of  Gaythorne  Hall by Martin Dawes
NY6413 : Et in Arcadia ego by Karl and Ali
NY6113 : Bridleway to Crosby Ravensworth by John Darch
NY6214 : The Village Hall Crosby Ravensworth by Tom Richardson
NY6412 : Gaythorne Cottages by G Laird
NY6013 : Tree in sheep pasture near Oddendale by Karl and Ali
NY6014 : Footpath to Haber by David Brown
NY6214 : The Butchers Arms at Crosby Ravensworth by Raymond Knapman
NY6112 : Limestone boulders in farmland by Keith Wright
NY6414 : Maulds Meaburn Moor by Karl and Ali
NY6313 : The entrance to Bank Head Farm by Alexander P Kapp
NY6214 : Bridge to St Lawrence's Church. by mauldy
NY6412 : Gaythorne Plain by Richard Webb
NY6313 : The edge of Maskriggs Wood by Karl and Ali
NY6115 : Fields near Wickerslack by David Brown
NY6214 : St Lawrence church Crosby Ravensworth by Tim Leete
NY6413 : Maskriggs Wood from Bank Moor. by mauldy
NY6314 : Banger racing circuit by David Brown
NY6413 : Arched doorway, Gaythorne Hall by Karl and Ali
NY6112 : Shap granite erratics by Karl and Ali
NY6214 : Andy Goldsworthy's Pinfold Cone at Crosby Ravensworth by Karl and Ali
NY6212 : Footbridge over nascent Lyvennet Beck by David Brown
NY6412 : Farm  road  up  to  Gaythorne  Cottages by Martin Dawes
NY6014 : Edge of Harberwain Plantation by John Darch
NY6212 : Limestone pasture, Gilts by Richard Webb
NY6011 : Track junction, Coalpit Hill by Karl and Ali
NY6112 : Looking to Starleyfield from Crosby Lodge by David Brown
NY6215 : Hill Top Farm by mauldy
NY6414 : Maskriggs Wood from the B6260 by mauldy
NY6215 : Entrance gates, Flass House by Jim Barton
NY6012 : Glacial erratic above Blea Beck by Karl and Ali
NY6313 : Bank Lane by Peter McDermott
NY6214 : Cattle Grid at Bell Foot by Tom Richardson
NY6412 : Moorland Road to Great Asby by Tom Richardson
NY6011 : Erratic on Hazel Moor by John Armitstead
NY6413 : Gaythorne  Hall  Jacobean  Farmhouse by Martin Dawes
NY6113 : The Track from Town Head to Oddendale by Keith Wright
NY6311 : Shelter made from limestone by David Brown
NY6214 : Millennium sandstone pillar by Rob Burke
NY6315 : Maulds Meaburn Moor by Richard Webb
NY6114 : Ruined barn near Blind Beck by Karl and Ali
NY6311 : Gryke on the limestone pavement by Jonathan Billinger
NY6214 : Butchers Arms at Crosby Ravensworth by Rob Burke
NY6215 : Flass House by Karl and Ali
NY6214 : Ford & Stepping Stones by mauldy
NY6215 : Maulds Meaburn from Meaburn Edge by Tim Leete

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