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SN1833 : Crymych/Plouveilh twinning plaque by ceridwen
SN1734 : The eyes of the peacock by ceridwen
SN2034 : Slopes of Frenni Fawr by Richard Webb
SN1833 : Development Finished by chris whitehouse
SN1833 : Old Council Yard by chris whitehouse
SN1734 : Bridge name stone by chris whitehouse
SN1833 : Crymych redevelopment 4 by chris whitehouse
SN1633 : Pasture land near Blaenbanon by Gordon Hatton
SN1833 : Auckland Terrace Crymych by ceridwen
SN2034 : Frenni Fawr trig pillar by Nigel Davies
SN1833 : Ysgol-y-Preseli by chris whitehouse
SN1832 : Field near Waun-aeron, Llanfyrnach by Dylan Moore
SN1633 : Parking for the Preseli Hills by Dave Croker
SN2034 : Trig point on Frenni Fawr by Colin Park
SN1833 : Plaque on gate into playground by chris whitehouse
SN1734 : Rhydishe bridge by ceridwen
SN1833 : Yr Hen Orsaf/Old station, Crymych by ceridwen
SN1835 : Old railway bridge by ceridwen
SN1934 : Pant-têg, Penrydd by Dylan Moore
SN1733 : Blaen-cwm, Mynachlog-ddu by Dylan Moore
SN1633 : Traws-nant, Eglwyswen by Dylan Moore
SN1833 : Crymych redevelopment 2 by chris whitehouse
SN1833 : Neuadd y Farchnad/Market Hall by ceridwen
SN1835 : Extinct railway line by ceridwen
SN2034 : Distant Ffrenni Fawr by chris whitehouse
SN1633 : Ancient trackway on Foel Drygarn by Richard Law
SN2034 : Frenni Fawr by Rude Health
SN1833 : Crymych, Pembrokeshire by Dylan Moore
SN1835 : Gorsfraith by ceridwen
SN1734 : Boundary stone detail! by chris whitehouse
SN1833 : Construction site by chris whitehouse
SN1932 : Ordnance Survey Cut Mark by Adrian Dust
SN1934 : Bridle way over the slopes of Frenni Fawr by Dylan Moore
SN1633 : Gate on the 'Golden Road' bridleway by Humphrey Bolton
SN2034 : Frenni Fawr from the southeast by Nigel Davies
SN1833 : Old Village Water Pump, Crymych by welshbabe
SN1933 : The view southwest by ceridwen
SN1734 : Guinea fowl guardians by ceridwen
SN1932 : Old buses never die by ceridwen
SN1834 : Mr. James's new wall! by chris whitehouse
SN1633 : Mountain Bach by Alan Richards
SN1834 : Road Junction near Crymych by Martyn Harries
SN2034 : Pembrokeshire uplands by ceridwen
SN1734 : Peacock  rear view by ceridwen
SN1933 : View of the Vale of Cemaes by Dylan Moore
SN1833 : Ysgol y Preseli by Roger W Haworth
SN1734 : Pont Rhydishe by chris whitehouse
SN1633 : Lane leading to the 'Golden Road' bridleway and Foeldrygarn by Humphrey Bolton
SN1835 : Start of 50mph speed limit, near Blaenffos by Martyn Harries
SN1932 : The long.straight road, Crymych by Humphrey Bolton
SN1833 : The Crymych Arms by ceridwen
SN1833 : Downtown Crymych by ceridwen
SN1733 : Black rabbit in a field by ceridwen
SN1833 : Capel Seion.  Crymych by Derek Voller
SN1833 : Chapel and butcher, Crymych by ceridwen

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