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NY2920 : Wall and Gate by Michael Graham
NY2920 : Wall by A591 by Michael Graham
NY3022 : St John's church: graveyard extension  by Stephen Craven
NY2719 : Ashness Bridge by Julian Osley
NY3022 : Road from St John's in the Vale & Wythburn, Cumbria by John Salmon
NY3022 : Carved Stone, St. John's by Michael Graham
NY2719 : From Dodd by Michael Graham
NY3121 : Sheep in St John's in the Vale by Christine Johnstone
NY3022 : Summit cairn High Rigg by Tom Richardson
NY2819 : The summit of Bleaberry Fell by David Purchase
NY2819 : Bleaberry fell summit cairn. by steven ruffles
NY3121 : Packhorse Bridge St John's in the Vale by Bob Jenkins
NY3021 : Summit Cairn, High Rigg by Michael Graham
NY2819 : Footpath from Bleaberry Fell by Graham Robson
NY3022 : From High Rigg by Michael Graham
NY3121 : Bram Cragg Farm by Mick Garratt
NY3021 : Pastures, Dale Bottom by Andrew Smith
NY3022 : St John's church: east end by Stephen Craven
NY2920 : Shoulthwaite Farm Keswick by Peter Skynner
NY2921 : Dale Bottom by David Purchase
NY2819 : The top of Bleaberry Fell by Bill Boaden
NY2920 : Barn at Shoulthwaite Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY3021 : Fellside Naddle Fell by Peter Turner
NY3022 : St John's-in-the-Vale, St. John's in the Vale by Russel Wills
NY2719 : Ashness Beck Bridge by Gordon Griffiths
NY2819 : Bleaberry Fell by Rude Health
NY3121 : Bridleway from St John's Church to Sosgill Bridge by Christine Johnstone
NY3021 : Shawbank Crag by Dave Thompson
NY2920 : Dodd Crag by Michael Graham
NY2719 : The path from Ashness Bridge to Great Wood by David Purchase
NY3121 : Looking towards Sandbed Gill by Michael Graham
NY3021 : Rock outcrops on High Rigg by Trevor Littlewood
NY2819 : Heather, Bleaberry fell by Michael Graham
NY2919 : Goat Crag by Michael Graham
NY3022 : St John's in the Vale and Wythburn Church by Tom Richardson
NY3022 : Bridge House by Stephen Craven
NY2920 : Goat Crag by Michael Graham
NY3022 : Descending High Rigg by Michael Graham
NY3021 : Walkers and their dog leaving High Rigg summit area by Christine Johnstone
NY3022 : Skelthwaite Crag from the east by Stephen Craven
NY2919 : On Iron Crag by Michael Graham
NY2719 : Ashness Gill by Michael Graham
NY3121 : Fields and Bram Crag by Nigel Brown
NY2819 : The path up Bleaberry Fell from the north-west by Christine Johnstone
NY2921 : Snipes How Tarn by Michael Graham
NY3022 : Bridge House by Peter Turner
NY2921 : Snipeshow Tarn by David Brown
NY3121 : Sheep grazing in flat valley bottom field by Christine Johnstone
NY3022 : View Down on Sykes by Mick Garratt
NY3121 : Sunlit slope with trees by Trevor Littlewood
NY2719 : Ashness Bridge and Derwent Water by Paul Allison
NY2719 : Ashness Bridge 1954 by Anthony Harrison
NY2920 : Shoulthwaite Farm by Bob Jenkins
NY3121 : View from the eastern flank of High Rigg by Trevor Harris
NY2719 : Ashness Bridge by Michael C
NY3121 : St John's Vale by Val Vannet
NY3021 : South from High Rigg summit by Stephen Dawson
NY2719 : Bark House mountain base, near Ashness Bridge by Julian Osley

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