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SO6999 : Grazing Land and Thrift Coppice, Linley Green, Shropshire by Roger  Kidd
SO6899 : Don't tell Pooh Bear by Row17
SO6899 : Abandoned farm at Darley by Richard Law
SJ6800 : Rainbow over Caughley Quarry weighbridge by Richard Law
SO6899 : Crop Fields near Linleygreen, Shropshire by Roger  Kidd
SO6899 : The abandoned farmhouse at Darley by Richard Law
SJ6900 : Inett by Row17
SO6899 : Farmland near Darley by Stephen Richards
SJ6900 : Caughley Farm from Caughley Road by Richard Law
SJ6900 : Cottage in Caughley Road by Row17
SO6899 : Cottage at sunset by Row17
SJ6800 : After the harvest, Pound Lane by Geoff Cryer
SO6999 : Dumper track and quarry machinery by Richard Law
SJ6900 : Caughley Road near Inett by Richard Law
SO6899 : A diverted footpath by Richard Law
SJ6800 : Caughley Quarry weighbridge by Row17
SO6999 : It's dark & gloomy in Bradley's Coppice by Row17
SO6899 : In the Dean Brook valley by Richard Law
SO6999 : Opencast clay workings at Broseley by Richard Law
SO6999 : At the edge of Bradley's Coppice by Row17
SO6999 : The Edge of the Coppice, near Linleygreen, Shropshire by Roger  Kidd
SO6899 : Derelict Cottage, Darley by Geoff Cryer
SO6899 : Footbridge below the old cottage by Richard Law
SO6899 : Pheasant pens at Honeypot houses by Richard Law
SO6899 : Sign at Rudgewood by Row17
SJ6800 : Welcome to Caughley Quarry by Row17
SO6899 : Footbridge across the Dean Brook by Richard Law
SJ6800 : Just another footpath by Row17
SO6899 : Deserted cottage at Darley by Richard Law
SO6899 : Footpath into the woods - Honeypot Coppice by Richard Law
SO6899 : Derelict farm buildings above the Dean Brook by Richard Law
SO6899 : Old Direction Sign - Signpost by Milestone Society

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