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NY0927 : Eaglesfield Cragg Farm by John Holmes
NY0826 : Track off Fifkettle Brow by David Brown
NY0926 : The Posting House Public House by John Holmes
NY1026 : The lane to Brandlingill by David Purchase
NY0927 : Trig pillar on Crag Hill by David Brown
NY0925 : The road to Pardshaw from Peppercoats Brow (road) by Ian S
NY1027 : The rear entrance to Paddle School by Ian S
NY0826 : New and Old Roads. by John Holmes
NY1027 : Paddle School by John Holmes
NY0926 : The Old Posting House near Deanscales by Ian S
NY1027 : A field by the A5086 at Paddle School by David Purchase
NY0925 : Entrance to Lane head by Alexander P Kapp
NY0827 : Green lane in Eaglesfield. by John Holmes
NY0927 : Cragg Farm by Oliver Dixon
NY1026 : Dogleg Crossroads by John Holmes
NY1027 : Road junction at Paddle School by Graham Robson
NY1026 : Staggered crossroads on the A5086 by Bill Boaden
NY1027 : Field with sheep by Oliver Dixon
NY0925 : Leegate. by John Holmes
NY1026 : Country road near Pardshaw by David Brown
NY0926 : The Old Posting House, Deanscales by Alexander P Kapp
NY1026 : Farm yard, High Dyke by Oliver Dixon
NY0925 : A field above Pardshaw by David Purchase
NY0927 : Tree in field near Eaglesfield Crag by Iain Macaulay
NY1027 : A very wet A5086 by Peter Bond
NY1027 : Paddle School by Graham Robson
NY0925 : Leegate by Alexander P Kapp
NY1027 : Modern  play area by Alexander P Kapp
NY0927 : Eagles Sunset by Martin Robinson
NY1027 : Eaglesfield Paddle CofE GM Primary School by Alexander P Kapp
NY1027 : Interesting seat by Alexander P Kapp

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