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SD7283 : Gate by Alexander P Kapp
SD6885 : Green Lane by Peter McDermott
SD7086 : House in Dent by N Chadwick
SD7286 : The Dales Way by Ian S
SD6883 : Miscellaneous grassy moorland below Crag Hill by Bill Boaden
SD6983 : Summit Furniture on Crag Hill by Chris Heaton
SD7285 : Sheep grazing, Dentdale by N Chadwick
SD6983 : Crag Hill summit by Karl and Ali
SD7086 : Two Cambridge men stand before the Adam Sedgwick memorial by Oliver Dixon
SD7285 : Field barn in Dentdale by N Chadwick
SD7284 : Cottage at Hingabank, Deepdale by Karl and Ali
SD7082 : Drystone wall on Green Hill by Karl and Ali
SD7285 : Deepdale Methodist Chapel by John Slater
SD7087 : No through road in Dent by John S Turner
SD7087 : The Dales Way by Ian S
SD7186 : Lime Kiln by N Chadwick
SD7186 : The Dales Way by Ian S
SD7082 : On Occupation Road by Chris Heaton
SD7286 : Tommy Bridge by N Chadwick
SD6983 : Approaching Summit of Crag Hill by Chris Heaton
SD7086 : Lime kiln by Raymond Knapman
SD7186 : Trying to separate some sheep by Double Croft by Bill Boaden
SD7087 : Keld Water by N Chadwick
SD7186 : The Dales Way by Ian S
SD6784 : Unusually sited cairn, Short Gill Waterfall by Karl and Ali
SD6983 : More snow arriving at The Crag by Karl and Ali
SD6784 : The upper reaches of Short Gill by Karl and Ali
SD6983 : Trig Pillar Crag Hill by Michael Graham
SD7284 : Bigholme Bridge, Deepdale by Tom Richardson
SD7083 : Wall Junction on Great Coum by Chris Heaton
SD7283 : 'I'm watching you' by Karl and Ali
SD7286 : Lane to Dent by N Chadwick
SD7087 : St Andrew's Church, Dent by Mark Percy
SD7184 : Occupation trackway fingerpost by Raymond Knapman
SD6985 : Ruined sheepfold, Blea Gill by Karl and Ali
SD7283 : Lockin Garth Force by Tom Richardson
SD7286 : Stile over a wall by N Chadwick
SD7087 : Approach to Dent from Church Bridge by Andrew Curtis
SD7186 : Ford and Stepping Stones at Low Flats by John Walton
SD6784 : Flying Rowan Barbondale by Michael Graham
SD7286 : Mill Bridge by David Smith
SD6983 : The Crag by John Illingworth
SD7082 : Hideously muddy track south of Robin Constable by Trevor Littlewood
SD6985 : Fingerpost, Flinter Gill Outrake by Karl and Ali
SD6885 : The Occupation Road by John Illingworth
SD7085 : Hillside above Dentdale by Bill Boaden
SD7283 : Photographing small waterfall, Gastack Beck by Peter Bond
SD7186 : Derelict house in Dentdale by Roger Templeman
SD7286 : Benchmark on barn opposite Gate Foot by Roger Templeman
SD7087 : Church Bridge by N Chadwick
SD7087 : High Hall Farmhouse, Dentdale by Frank Glover
SD6986 : 'Smiling Along' by Kathleen Partridge by Michael Graham
SD6983 : Wheel Welded to a Post by Michael Graham
SD7082 : The County Stone by Dr Neil Clifton
SD7086 : View of Dent from the South West by Carl Bendelow
SD7285 : Whernside Manor entrance. by SIMON PHILLIPS
SD7283 : Lockin Garth Force, Deepdale by Karl and Ali
SD7086 : The Wishing Tree by David Brand

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