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SJ9097 : Ashton Canal by Peter McDermott
SJ8798 : Grove Inn by David Dixon
SJ9199 : Buckley Hill Farm (2), Littlemoss by John Topping
SJ9098 : Cotton Tree by Peter McDermott
SJ8799 : Signal Box: Baguley Fold Junction by David Dixon
SJ9098 : Co-operative beehive by Alan Murray-Rust
SJ9098 : Droylsden Tram Station by David Dixon
SJ8796 : Gorton Monastery (The Church and Friary of St Francis) by David Dixon
SJ8799 : Baguley Fold Junction Signal Box by David Dixon
SJ8798 : Going Going Bang by Gerald England
SJ9099 : Medlock Vale by David Dixon
SJ8898 : Towpath bridge over the former Stockport Branch by Christine Johnstone
SJ8896 : Belle Vue Station by Gerald England
SJ9099 : Footbridge over the River Medlock by Alexander P Kapp
SJ9097 : Fairfields Golf & Sailing Club by Peter McDermott
SJ8999 : St Martin's Church by David Dixon
SJ8896 : The Plough by Peter McDermott
SJ8898 : Part of former Ciba Speciality Chemicals works, Clayton by P L Chadwick
SJ9097 : New Hall Cottages 1861 by Gerald England
SJ8998 : Shops on Edge Lane by Anthony Parkes
SJ8999 : River Medlock by Keith Williamson
SJ8798 : Metrolink crossing Clayton Lane by Gerald England
SJ8796 : Gortonvilla Walk, West Gorton by John Topping
SJ8997 : Exit from Morrisons by Gerald England
SJ9098 : Corner shop by David Dixon
SJ9098 : Wharf Point by Gerald England
SJ8898 : Vinegar Lock, Ashton Canal by David Dixon
SJ9198 : Tramway at The Snipe Inn by Alan Murray-Rust
SJ8798 : Wasteland off Clayton Lane by Peter Whatley
SJ9097 : Droylsden Marina by Gerald England
SJ8898 : Clayton Chemical Works by Gerald England
SJ9099 : Sussex Drive by David Dixon
SJ8896 : Gorton Evangelical Church by Gerald England
SJ9097 : Kings Road by Gerald England
SJ8897 : A little bird told me! by Keith Williamson
SJ9099 : Manchester-Ashton Railway Near Droylsden Junction by Peter Whatley
SJ8898 : The Strawberry Duck, Crabtree Lane by David Dixon
SJ8998 : Halfway House (detail), 435 Manchester Road by P L Chadwick
SJ9097 : Ashton canal, Fairfield Locks by John Slater
SJ9198 : Path Alongside Leigh Drive, Droylsden by John Topping
SJ9097 : Manshaw Road, Fairfield by JThomas
SJ8798 : B of the Bang by Gerald England
SJ8898 : The Cock of St Cross by Gerald England
SJ9199 : Path by disused canal near Willow Bank Farm by Chris Wimbush
SJ8796 : Gorton Monastery, South End of the Nave by David Dixon
SJ8999 : Swampy valley opposite Brookdale Park by Linden Milner
SJ8998 : Dawlish Avenue, Droylsden by John Topping
SJ8999 : York Road by David Dixon
SJ9198 : The Edge of Ashton Moss by Keith Williamson
SJ9199 : The Stables by John Topping
SJ8999 : Millstream Animal Shelter, Clayton Bridge, Manchester by Linden Milner
SJ8796 : The Old Gorton Monastery on Gorton Lane by Gary Barber
SJ8798 : B of the Bang by S Parish
SJ8796 : Gorton Baths by GARY TAYLOR
SJ8797 : MANCAT Openshaw Campus by Keith Williamson
SJ8996 : Gorton Upper Reservoir - Debdale Park by Karel Hladky
SJ9198 : Nexus House, Ashton-under-Lyne by Steven Haslington
SJ8796 : Diamond Lodge Hotel, Belle Vue, Manchester by Alexander P Kapp

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