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NN2743 : West Highland Way heading towards Victoria Bridge by Trevor Littlewood
NN2743 : Young monarch of the glen? by sylvia duckworth
NN2743 : Track junction north of Forest Lodge by John Allan
NN2743 : Small stand of pine trees near Forest Lodge above Loch Tulla by John Ferguson
NN2743 : West Highland Way descending towards Forest Lodge by Chris Heaton
NN2743 : A very wet young Red deer by sylvia duckworth
NN2743 : West Highland Way north of Victoria Bridge by Dave Kelly
NN2743 : Junction on the Parliamentary Road by Tim Heaton
NN2743 : Scrub hillside by Walter Baxter
NN2743 : Iron gateposts and a piece of heathland next to the Highland Way north of Forest Lodge by Chris
NN2743 : Ruin off the West Highland Way near Loch Tulla by Chris Heaton
NN2743 : Trees on Black Mount estate by Alan O'Dowd
NN2743 : West Highland Way by Euan Nelson
NN2743 : Ruin near Black Mount lodge by Jim Barton
NN2743 : West Highland Way near Black Mount by Jim Barton
NN2743 : Ruined building, West Highland Way by Euan Nelson

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