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NY0914 : Crag Fell Summit Cairn by Rude Health
NY0612 : Burn Edge by Rude Health
NY0914 : Crag Fell & Anglers Crag From Ennerdale Water Shoreline by Karen Butler
NY0614 : Kinniside Stone Circle by George Tod
NY0711 : Latter Barrow. by John Holmes
NY0814 : On Grike by Michael Graham
NY0912 : Valley of Whoap Beck by Michael Graham
NY0615 : Fields south of Ennerdale Bridge by David Purchase
NY0615 : The Shepherds Arms Hotel, Ennerdale Bridge by Ian S
NY0712 : River Calder by Michael Graham
NY0716 : Farm buildings at Low Stowbank Farm by Ian S
NY0615 : Road to Ennerdale Bridge by Michael Graham
NY0713 : Stinking Gill by Bob Jenkins
NY0713 : Bridleway through the cleared forest by Shaun Ferguson
NY0713 : On Blakeley Rise by Michael Graham
NY0912 : Ridge connecting Whoap with Lank Rigg by Trevor Littlewood
NY0615 : St Mary's Church Ennerdale Bridge by Bob Jenkins
NY0613 : Blakeley Raise by David Purchase
NY0815 : River Ehen. by steven ruffles
NY0914 : Crag Fell pinnacles by Jim Barton
NY0513 : Flat Fell by Michael Graham
NY0713 : Approaching Grike by Michael Graham
NY0615 : Shepherd's Arms, Ennerdale Bridge by Dave Dunford
NY0613 : Bridle path, Scaly Moss, above Ennerdale Bridge by Nigel Monckton
NY0716 : Farmhouse, Ennerdale by Nigel Monckton
NY0914 : From Crag Fell by Michael Graham
NY0712 : Ya Gill and the River Calder by David Brown
NY0912 : Descending Lank Rigg by Michael Graham
NY0712 : River Calder by Michael Graham
NY0812 : Sheepfold, Whoap beck by Michael Graham
NY0614 : The Heckbarley track. by steven ruffles
NY0612 : Bridleway, Kinniside Common by Nigel Monckton
NY0615 : Sign in Ennerdale by Simon Camps
NY0513 : Nannycatch Beck by George Tod
NY0616 : Remote Houses. by John Holmes
NY0711 : The river Calder catchment area from Latter Barrow slopes. by John Holmes
NY0715 : Ennerdale Bridge Primary School by Bob Jenkins
NY0713 : On Blakeley by Michael Graham
NY0913 : Heckbarley Forest by David Purchase
NY0716 : The drive to Hollins by David Purchase
NY0914 : On Crag Fell by Michael Graham
NY0815 : The weir on Ennerdale Water by David Purchase
NY0615 : St Mary's church, Ennerdale Bridge by David Purchase
NY0712 : River Calder by Bob Jenkins
NY0815 : River Ehen and Ennerdale Water by Tim Glover
NY0713 : Forestry on Blakeley Raise by David Purchase
NY0515 : Bank House farmhouse and associated cottages by Trevor Littlewood
NY0912 : Whoap by Bob Jenkins
NY0613 : Moorland at Scaly Moss by Trevor Littlewood
NY0813 : Small Gill under Buck Hole by Michael Graham
NY0815 : Ennerdale water by William Barker
NY0815 : Water treatment works nr Ennerdale Water by Alan Godfree
NY0514 : Meadley Reservoir by Simon Ledingham
NY0815 : Ennerdale Water looking east by Alan Godfree
NY0815 : Weir at  Ennerdale Water by John Light
NY0514 : Low Cock How farm. by ALAN SOUTHWORTH
NY0712 : Sheepfold Burn Edge by Peter Eckersley
NY0815 : Roe Deer near Ennerdale Water by Dave Dunford

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