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SD2899 : Last sun of the day, Levers Water by Karl and Ali
SD2999 : Upper reaches of Crook Beck by David Brown
SD2799 : Levers Water and Great How Crags by Darren Haddock
SD2799 : Levers Hawse by Ian Greig
SD2999 : Path heading up to Wetherlam by Shaun Ferguson
SD3098 : Fells south of High Wythow by David Brown
SD2999 : Hole Tarn by David Brown
NY2801 : On Wetherlam by Michael Graham
SD2898 : Bridge at Low Water Beck by Peter Trimming
SD2998 : Miners Bridge by Graham Robson
SD2898 : Abandoned lorry chassis by Ian Capper
NY2800 : Snow Covered Rocks by Michael Graham
SD3099 : Yewdale Fells by Mick Garratt
SD2898 : Coniston Coppermines Valley viewed from above by Pete Chapman
SD2799 : West shore of Levers Water by David Brown
SD2898 : Looking Down Into Coppermines Valley, Coniston by Peter Trimming
NY2801 : Wintery conditions on Wetherlam by Graham Cole
SD2998 : Coniston Waterfall by Ian Capper
SD2899 : Eastern side of Levers Water by Andrew Hill
NY2900 : Footpath above Lad Stones by Graham Robson
SD2899 : Looking over Red Dell by Michael Graham
SD2898 : Towards Levers Water by Ian Capper
NY3000 : Looking down on Yewdale Beck by DS Pugh
SD2898 : Ascent of Coniston Old Man (9) by Peter Trimming
SD2799 : View to Levers Water from Prison Band by Graham Robson
SD2898 : Quarry above Coppermines Valley by Graham Robson
SD2999 : Footpath towards Red Gill Head Moss by Graham Robson
NY2800 : Red Dell Head by Michael Graham
NY2900 : Sheepfold, Yewdale Beck by Mick Garratt
SD3099 : From Brackeny Crag by Michael Graham
SD2898 : Coppermines Valley and Coppermines Cottages by Peter Bond
SD2998 : Miner's Bridge, Coppermines Valley by Graham Robson
SD3099 : The 364m top on Yewdale Fell by David Brown
NY2900 : Stream entering the gorge of Tilberthwaite Gill by Andrew Hill
SD2898 : View Towards Brim Fell by Peter Trimming
NY2800 : Summit Cairn, Black Sails by Michael Graham
NY2801 : The summit area of Wetherlam by Graham Robson
NY3000 : By Tilberthwaite Gill by Michael Graham
NY3000 : Yewdale Beck by Peter Bond
SD2999 : Above Beck Fells by Michael Graham
NY2900 : Frozen Tarn, Wetherlam by Michael Graham
SD2898 : Sheep by Ian Capper
SD2899 : Levers Water Outlet by Peter Trimming
SD3098 : Fields around Coniston by jirikruta
SD2898 : Track junctions on the slopes of Coniston Old Man by Andrew Hill
SD2799 : Across Levers Water by Peter Trimming
NY2801 : Weatherlam Summit Cairn by Mick Garratt
SD2999 : The ridge above Above Beck Falls by Ian Greig
NY2800 : The path down to Levers Water by Ian Greig
NY3000 : Footpath to Coniston Moor by Maigheach-gheal
SD2998 : Irish Row, Coppermines Valley, Coniston by David Gruar
SD2898 : The Coppermines Cottages, Coniston by Graham
SD2998 : Coniston Coppermines Valley by David Martin
SD2898 : Coppermines Cottages by Trevor Littlewood
SD2898 : Coniston Coppermines by Bob Tinley
NY3000 : Disused quarry, Low Tilberthwaite by Espresso Addict
SD3098 : Holly How Youth Hostel by Graham Horn

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