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SU2895 : Church Street, Faringdon by andrew auger
SU2694 : Great Coxwell Barn [3] by Michael Dibb
SU2995 : Former National School at Stanford Road/Berners Way junction by Roger Templeman
SU3096 : Haremoor Farm by Des Blenkinsopp
SU2995 : The Folly, London St, Faringdon by John Lord
SU2796 : A417 north of Highden Farm by Stuart Logan
SU2694 : Wire-walking, Badbury Clump, near Faringdon by Brian Robert Marshall
SU2895 : Benchmark on the Catholic Hall, Malborough Street by Roger Templeman
SU2897 : The road to Thrupp, Thrupp Turn by Brian Robert Marshall
SU2693 : The road into Great Coxwell by Steve Daniels
SU2693 : Rosemary Cottage by Michael Dibb
SU2895 : #26 Park Road from Malborough Close by Roger Templeman
SU2693 : Saint Giles' Church, Great Coxwell by Dave Price
SU2796 : Aerial view from Paramotor of Field Near Faringdon by Dave Price
SU2896 : Farmland, Faringdon Park by Brian Robert Marshall
SU2894 : The A420 Faringdon bypass by Steve Daniels
SU3095 : Trike and trailer on the A420 by Steve Daniels
SU2793 : Bridleway, near Faringdon golf course by Brian Robert Marshall
SU3096 : Looking south-west towards Faringdon by Jon S
SU2895 : Charity shop at junction of Market Place and London Street by Roger Templeman
SU3096 : Barn at Haremoor Farm by David Smith
SU2694 : Across the road by Michael Dibb
SU2894 : Junction - Highworth Road and Coxwell Road by Jon S
SU2696 : Road to Manor Farm by Jonathan Billinger
SU2693 : South past the tower of the Church of St Giles, Great Coxwell, Oxfordshire by Brian Robert Marshall
SU3095 : Farmland, Littleworth by Andrew Smith
SU2997 : Field edge near Faringdon by Gareth James
SU2694 : Interior, Great Coxwell Barn by Rob Noble
SU2695 : Wood House, near Faringdon by Vieve Forward
SU2997 : Fields by David Luther Thomas
SU2994 : A420/Park Road roundabout by Jon S
SU2895 : An old water pump in the Market Square by Steve Daniels
SU2995 : Benchmark on arch of side gate to #87 London Street by Roger Templeman
SU2894 : Coxwell Road, south of Faringdon by Brian Robert Marshall
SU3097 : The road to Littleworth by Sarah Charlesworth
SU2793 : Box Tree Cottage, Great Coxwell by Jonathan Billinger
SU2693 : By-passed stiles by Michael Dibb
SU2895 : Faringdon: All Saints Church: The west door by Michael Garlick
SU2694 : Footpath signs beside the B4019 by andrew auger
SU2795 : View over the Thames valley by Robin Webster
SU3095 : Looking towards the Ridgeway from Faringdon Folly by Tim Kirby
SU2895 : Nos. 2 and 4 Marlborough Gardens by Roger Templeman
SU2794 : Road to Steeds Farm by andrew auger
SU2995 : Former track to Church Path Farm, now fenced off, Faringdon by John Lord
SU2693 : Once a school by Michael Dibb
SU2893 : Fernham Road by Gorse Farm by Steve Daniels
SU2693 : View south from a footpath west of Great Coxwell, Oxfordshire by Brian Robert Marshall
SU2695 : Footpath south of Oak Wood by Vieve Forward
SU3094 : Private road to Wickwood Farm by Jonathan Billinger
SU2994 : Farmland, Faringdon by Andrew Smith
SU2995 : Faringdon Folly by neil hanson
SU2694 : Bluebells, Badbury Clump by Rob Noble
SU2694 : Tithe Barn at Great Coxwell by Jon S
SU2895 : Faringdon fire station by Kevin Hale
SU2995 : Song thrush near Faringdon Folly by Brian Robert Marshall
SU2895 : Faringdon from Swan Lane looking south by Hilary Taylor
SU2694 : Interior of the Tithe Barn at Great Coxwell by Michael

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