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SN0938 : Tracks below Allt Llwyngoras, Bayvil by Dylan Moore
SN0939 : 1881 Court House meeting poster by ceridwen
SN1239 : Predated oak marble galls by ceridwen
SN1040 : Steps and celandines by ceridwen
SN1239 : Feral birch at Ffynnon-ddu, Eglwyswrw by Dylan Moore
SN1138 : Nant Duad: boundary between Nevern and Meline by Dylan Moore
SN0938 : Afon Nyfer below Felindre Bridge by Dylan Moore
SN1139 : Huts at Castell Henllys Iron Age hillfort reconstruction by Jeremy Bolwell
SN1039 : Salutation Inn, Felindre Farchog by Deborah Tilley
SN1139 : Plant Dyes - Castell Henllys by Sarah Smith
SN1038 : Pont Baldwyn: archbishop's bridge by ceridwen
SN1040 : Trefael stone by ceridwen
SN1138 : The Nant Duad valley north of the A487 by Stuart Logan
SN1239 : Wet day at Coed Pengelli by ceridwen
SN1139 : Posts showing the site of former round houses by Dave Spicer
SN1239 : Coed Panteg by ceridwen
SN1239 : Whinberries in Coed Pengelli by ceridwen
SN1040 : Stepping back 200 years by ceridwen
SN1139 : Castell Henllys by chris whitehouse
SN1040 : Triple-decker pulpit, Bayvil by ceridwen
SN1139 : Pig, drinking by ceridwen
SN1239 : Panteg by ceridwen
SN1141 : Fields near Nevern by Dylan Moore
SN1040 : The sea from Bayvil by ceridwen
SN1139 : Gathering grass - near Cwmeog, Nevern by Dylan Moore
SN1239 : Young trees near Pengelli by ceridwen
SN0938 : Tree near Felindre Bridge by Dylan Moore
SN1239 : Lane near Berllan, Eglwyswrw by Dylan Moore
SN1138 : Cattle trough with distant Carningli by ceridwen
SN0940 : Large silage clamp at Coedwynog, Nevern by Dylan Moore
SN1139 : Common earthball (Scleroderma citrinum) by ceridwen
SN1038 : Ruin: Pont Baldwyn, Nevern by Dylan Moore
SN1041 : No way through Bayvil Farm by ceridwen
SN1138 : View to Castell Henllys from the A487 road by Jeremy Bolwell
SN1239 : Fallen tree near Ffynnon Haiarn, Eglwyswrw by Dylan Moore
SN0939 : Track to Llwyngoras, Bayvil by Dylan Moore
SN1139 : Pigs at Castell Henllys Iron Age village by Jeremy Bolwell
SN1139 : Boundary stone at Pont Bren Pwll y Brag by ceridwen
SN1040 : Bayvil church door by ceridwen
SN1039 : Not so old by ceridwen
SN0938 : Fferm Pentre Ifan by ceridwen
SN0940 : Cattle sheds and maize crop by ceridwen
SN1141 : Penuel Baptist Chapel Cemaes by ceridwen
SN1141 : Pencrugiau by ceridwen
SN0941 : Fields near Glastir, Nevern by Dylan Moore
SN1239 : Oak woods, Coed Pengelli by ceridwen
SN1239 : In Pengelli Forest by David Smith
SN1040 : Bayvil church by ceridwen
SN1038 : Allt Pont Baldwyn Wood, Nevern by Dylan Moore
SN1141 : Y Gaer, Bayvil by Dylan Moore
SN1139 : Castell Henllys Iron Age Village Reconstruction by dave challender
SN1040 : Washing line by ceridwen
SN1139 : Pigs at Castell Henllys by ceridwen
SN1239 : Coed Pengelli/Pengelli Forest SSSI by ceridwen
SN1139 : "Iron-Age" loom, Castell Henllys by ceridwen
SN1139 : "Iron-age " pig by ceridwen

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