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TL4149 : Cycle path by A10 by Hugh Venables
TL4147 : Farm building near Fowlmere Road by Keith Edkins
TL4048 : Level crossing at Foxton, with First Capital Connect train leaving station by Fractal Angel
TL4149 : Cambridge Road - A10 by Enttauscht
TL4248 : Wheatfield beside Town Street track by Keith Edkins
TL4247 : Cambridge Road by Andrew Tatlow
TL4148 : St Laurence, Foxton by John Salmon
TL4148 : Telephone box on Fowlmere Road, Foxton by Ben Harris
TL4147 : Here be Gas by Keith Edkins
TL4148 : Fenceline by N Chadwick
TL4248 : Between Foxton and Newton in early spring by John Sutton
TL4048 : Old Milestone by Keith Evans
TL4048 : Unusual bus shelter in Foxton by David Beresford
TL4048 : Foxton Signal Box by Keith Edkins
TL4149 : Hoffer's Brook Farm by Keith Edkins
TL4149 : A 10 heading to Cambridge by Enttauscht
TL4048 : Flat farmland by N Chadwick
TL4148 : A pair of detached houses by Enttauscht
TL4148 : Foxton: the corner of Mortimers Lane by John Sutton
TL4149 : Farmland by the railway line by N Chadwick
TL4247 : Harvest Time by Andrew Tatlow
TL4048 : Field and trees by N Chadwick
TL4149 : A10 close to Foxton by Enttauscht
TL4147 : Farm track and winter cereals by Steve F
TL4147 : West Hill and Chalk Hill by John Sutton
TL4149 : Cambridge Road, A 10 by Enttauscht
TL4148 : Permissive path and winter trees by John Sutton
TL4148 : Foxton: roadside daffodils by John Sutton
TL4148 : St. Laurence: the parish church of Foxton by Robert Edwards
TL4048 : Farmland near Foxton by N Chadwick
TL4048 : A10 by N Chadwick
TL4148 : Farmland, Foxton by N Chadwick
TL4147 : Nearing Foxton on Fowlmere Road by John Sutton
TL4048 : Another train is coming if lights continue to flash by Keith Edkins
TL4148 : Foxton to Newton by John Sutton
TL4248 : Hoffer Brook by John Sutton
TL4149 : Cycle track on the A10 Royston Road by Keith Edkins
TL4048 : Cambridgeshire farmland by N Chadwick
TL4048 : House on the corner by Keith Edkins
TL4248 : Permissive path between Newton and Foxton by John Sutton
TL4148 : Cricket at Foxton by John Sutton
TL4148 : Illingworth Road by Enttauscht
TL4248 : Signs of spring on the way to Newton by John Sutton
TL4048 : Old Milestone by MW Hallett
TL4048 : Foxton Station by John Sutton
TL4148 : The White Horse, Foxton by Keith Edkins
TL4248 : Footbridge over Hoffer Brook by John Sutton
TL4149 : Fallen branch and cement works by Keith Edkins
TL4048 : Large flat field by N Chadwick
TL4147 : Foxton from the air by Thomas Nugent
TL4048 : The home of Lomali Boxers by Keith Edkins
TL4048 : Foxton level crossing by Nigel Cox
TL4148 : Foxton church by mym
TL4048 : Foxton station by Tom Pullman
TL4048 : Foxton Signal Box by Duncan Grey
TL4048 : Return of the hand car wash by Enttauscht

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