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SE8758 : Track and Tree above Holm Dale by Andy Beecroft
SE8659 : Thixendale Road, near Fridaythorpe by JThomas
SE8659 : Brubber Dale by Andy Beecroft
SE8758 : Entering Fridaythorpe by Pauline E
SE8558 : Farm Track by Andy Beecroft
SE8859 : A166 towards Fridaythorpe by JThomas
SE8658 : SW of Fridaythorpe by Stephen Horncastle
SE8760 : Fridaythorpe Field, East Yorks by Paul Harrop
SE8859 : View towards Lodge Farm by Jonathan Thacker
SE8758 : Interlocking spurs along Holm Dale by Dr Patty McAlpin
SE8558 : Farm Buildings by Andy Beecroft
SE8758 : Looking down Holm Dale by Gordon Hatton
SE8558 : Farmland, Riggs Farm by JThomas
SE8660 : Brubberdale  North  and  East  Yorkshire  meet by Martin Dawes
SE8759 : Public shelter by the pond by Jonathan Thacker
SE8761 : A stretch of the dismantled railway near Fimber by Dr Patty McAlpin
SE8559 : Walkers on the Wolds Way in Cow Dale by Andy Beecroft
SE8758 : A166 towards York (Man Street) by JThomas
SE8657 : Track to Wold House Farm by JThomas
SE8760 : Looking towards the head of Wan Dale by Jonathan Thacker
SE8759 : Former butcher's shop by Jonathan Thacker
SE8558 : Wheat field and Riggs Farm by Jonathan Thacker
SE8657 : Huggate Wold Farm Track by Peter Church
SE8557 : Wolds' Bridleway by Andy Beecroft
SE8759 : Fridaythorpe Factory by Andy Beecroft
SE8660 : Brubber Dale by Stephen Horncastle
SE8761 : Minor Road Towards Burdale by JThomas
SE8758 : Ordnance Survey  Flush Bracket S6520 by Peter Wood
SE8759 : Fridaythorpe, Duck Pond by Stephen Horncastle
SE8657 : The long straight track by Gordon Hatton
SE8659 : Field Entrance off Thixendale Road by JThomas
SE8557 : Lane crossing Huggate Wold [1] by Christine Johnstone
SE8559 : The Wolds Way by Andy Beecroft
SE8557 : Wold House Farm by JThomas
SE8759 : Halfway  Point,  Ish. by Martin Dawes
SE8559 : Cowdale path by Ken Tulloch
SE8559 : Farm Track, Gill's Farm (Wolds Way) by JThomas
SE8761 : Road and old embankment by DS Pugh
SE8759 : Farmers Arms, Fridaythorpe by Gordon Hatton
SE8759 : St Mary's Church gravestone flag by Ken Tulloch
SE8760 : Road from Fridaythorpe by Stephen Horncastle
SE8761 : The lower end of Brubber Dale by Jonathan Thacker
SE8659 : Path down into Brubber Dale by Christopher Hall
SE8558 : Track  down  into  Pluckham  Dale by Martin Dawes
SE8759 : Lych Gate by Stephen Horncastle
SE8858 : Green Lane by Jonathan Thacker
SE8660 : Looking north in Brubber Dale by Neil Oakes
SE8657 : The Track on Huggate Wold by Andy Beecroft
SE8757 : Winter Wheat by Peter Church
SE8759 : Seaways Cafe Fridaythorpe by Phil Catterall
SE8657 : David Midgley by Malcolm Campbell
SE8759 : Fridaythorpe by Oliver Dixon
SE8759 : The Farmers Arms, Fridaythorpe by Peter Church
SE8659 : West Dale Wolds Way Walkers by Andy Beecroft
SE8759 : St Mary's Church, Fridaythorpe by Oliver Dixon

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