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NY7442 : Garrigill Burn and Lowhouses Bridge by Bill Boaden
NY7342 : Fields near High Skydes by Andrew Curtis
NY7441 : The George & Dragon, Garrigill by Ian S
NY7442 : Garrigill Burn by Andrew Smith
NY7442 : Garrigill Burn by Christine Westerback
NY7242 : Craig Farm, Cumberland by Ron Goodhew
NY7441 : South end of Garrigill village by Oliver Dixon
NY7542 : Looking down Garrigill Burn by Paul Glover
NY7343 : Sheep grazing by Helen Wilkinson
NY7342 : Barn, Cropshall Wood by Mick Garratt
NY7442 : Above Garrigill by Andrew Smith
NY7441 : Footbridge over River South Tyne west of Garrigill by Andrew Curtis
NY7341 : Redwing Chapel by Andrew Curtis
NY7241 : Dry Burn by Andrew Smith
NY7442 : Rough Grazing, South Tyne Valley by Mick Garratt
NY7442 : Road to Nenthead by Bill Boaden
NY7342 : Mine spoil heaps by River South Tyne by Andrew Curtis
NY7242 : Closeup of Farmhouse at Craig by Ron Goodhew
NY7541 : Road (B6277) near Windy Hall by Peter Wood
NY7642 : SW from Nunnery Hill on Nenthead - Garrygill road by Ben Brooksbank
NY7443 : Middle Fell by Mike Quinn
NY7541 : Old lime kiln below Snab End - pot (2) by Mike Quinn
NY7241 : Confluence, Dry Burn by Andrew Smith
NY7441 : Pennine Way at Gatehead, Garrigill by Ian S
NY7441 : Bunkershill by Peter McDermott
NY7441 : (Part of) the village green at Garrigill by Mike Quinn
NY7642 : Old mine workings around Brown Gill by Mike Quinn
NY7242 : The South Tyne. by steven ruffles
NY7342 : The South Tyne below Garrigill by Bill Boaden
NY7342 : The South Tyne near Middle Skydes by Bill Boaden
NY7641 : Seldom seen again by Paul Glover
NY7442 : A welcoming sign by Paul Glover
NY7441 : River in winter by Joan Sykes
NY7642 : Nunnery Hill, Alston by Andrew Smith
NY7443 : Green track passing through gate on Alston Moor by Trevor Littlewood
NY7441 : George VI "Ludlow" postbox, Garrigill by Mike Quinn
NY7641 : Shake holes near Seldom Seen (2) by Mike Quinn
NY7242 : Low Skydes by Peter McDermott
NY7541 : Wall rising on west side of Flinty Fell by Trevor Littlewood
NY7341 : Redwing Chapel by Bill Boaden
NY7343 : Moorland track on Alston Moor by Bill Boaden
NY7442 : Junction on the B6277 by Peter Moore
NY7242 : Dry Burn by Peter McDermott
NY7342 : Valley of the South Tyne by Oliver Dixon
NY7441 : Overgrow graveyard at St John's Church, Garrigill by Ian S
NY7642 : Brown Gill by Mick Garratt
NY7343 : Wet afternoon near Garrigill by Andrew Curtis
NY7641 : Seldom Seen by Helen Wilkinson
NY7441 : Beldy near Garrigill by Andrew Curtis
NY7442 : Ordnance Survey Flush Bracket 11750 by Peter Wood
NY7442 : Thortergill Force by Richard Spencer
NY7441 : George and Dragon, Garrigill. by Richard Webb
NY7541 : Garrigill School by Vin Mullen
NY7341 : Redwing Chapel, Garrigill by Trevor Littlewood
NY7441 : Garrigill by Andy Stephenson
NY7641 : Seldom Seen by Andrew Smith
NY7441 : Garrigill by Carl Bendelow

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