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SP0588 : A short stretch of the Soho Loop by Richard Law
SP0589 : OS benchmark - Gib Heath, entrance to King Edward VI school by Richard Law
SP0588 : Key Hill Cemetery, Hockley: view southwest across the lower area by Robin Stott
SP0587 : Birmingham Canal by JThomas
SP0588 : Hunters Road, Hockley by Adrian Bailey
SP0588 : Derelict building on Ford Street  by Philip Halling
SP0589 : Houses on Hamstead Road by Richard Law
SP0589 : St Michael's from the Black Eagle by Rob Farrow
SP0589 : The Villa Road Methodist Church in Handsworth by Richard Law
SP0589 : Soho Hill, Gib Heath by JThomas
SP0588 : Hockley Port basin 1 by Jonathan Wilkins
SP0589 : Soho Road by Peter Whatley
SP0588 : View of Babe Ke Gurdwara by Neil Theasby
SP0588 : Terrace houses on Park Road by Philip Halling
SP0587 : Jewellery Stop View by Gordon Griffiths
SP0589 : OS benchmark - Handsworth Wood, 21 Holly Road by Richard Law
SP0587 : OS benchmark - Brookfields, Spring Hill bridge by Richard Law
SP0589 : Villa Road Methodist Church by John M
SP0589 : Bethel United Church, Handsworth by Geoff Pick
SP0588 : Key Hill Cemetery, Hockley: interpretive sign by Robin Stott
SP0588 : Pitsford Street west, Brookfields by Robin Stott
SP0588 : Soho Hill (A41), Birmingham by JThomas
SP0587 : Class 150 at Jewellery Quarter by Rob Newman
SP0588 : Key Hill Cemetery, Hockley, Icknield Street entrance by Robin Stott
SP0588 : Himley Villas, Gib Heath by Neil Theasby
SP0589 : Bill House, Soho Hill by John M
SP0588 : Canalside marker post at All Saints by Richard Law
SP0587 : Canal and bridge over entrance to basin by David Smith
SP0587 : Catacombs, Brookfields Cemetery by Chris Allen
SP0589 : Villa Road, Handsworth by Richard Law
SP0589 : OS benchmark - Handsworth Wood, 103 Holly Road by Richard Law
SP0588 : The Western Road bridge by Richard Law
SP0587 : George and Dragon by Nigel Mykura
SP0588 : Portland Terrace and Rutland Terrace by Alan Murray-Rust
SP0587 : Bench mark, Dudley Road canal bridge by Alan Murray-Rust
SP0587 : Railway Tunnel Near Jewellery Quarter Station by Rob Newman
SP0588 : Key Hill Cemetery, Hockley: Memorials, upper area, and houses, Key Hill Drive by Robin Stott
SP0589 : The Beehive, Handsworth by Chris Whippet
SP0587 : Birmingham Canal Old Line by Chris Whippet
SP0587 : Spring Hill Library, Hockley Birmingham by Roy Hughes
SP0587 : Anglers afternoon-Rotton Park, Birmingham by Martin Richard Phelan
SP0588 : Former Soho Pool Wharf by John M
SP0587 : Rosebery Street by Alan Murray-Rust
SP0588 : Jerk Centre by Philip Halling
SP0588 : Gib Heath view to St Michael's by Rob Farrow
SP0588 : Western Road Bridge by Carl Baker
SP0589 : George Street, Lozells by Chris Whippet
SP0587 : Wolverhampton to Birmingham canal by Richard Law
SP0587 : Urban Work Space by N Chadwick
SP0587 : Canalside industry by Alan Murray-Rust
SP0589 : Gurdwara Nishkam Sewak Jatha by John M
SP0588 : Babe Ke Gurdwara, Birmingham by Gareth James
SP0587 : Converted Fire Station, Albion Street Jewellery Quarter Birmingham by Roy Hughes
SP0587 : Sunken Amphitheatre, Cemetery Jewellery Quarter Birmingham by Roy Hughes
SP0587 : Hingeston Street mosque from Icknield Street by Robin Stott
SP0589 : Gibson Road, Handsworth by Adrian Bailey
SP0587 : Metro station, Jewellery Quarter by Angella Streluk

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